Monday, January 4, 2010

a few things I take too much for granted

January 4th "Good Stuff" (Today I've decided to focus on the good stuff that is there for me every single day, but that I tend to take for granted.)

*Being able to just plug in the coffee maker and hit the start button each morning, because my wonderful husband always grounds the beans and gets everything ready for me the night before. :D

*Coffee from Dean's Beans! Since discovering it, we don't drink anything else. Sooooo good. And while fair trade coffee in the stores here can tend to be expensive, this really isn't too bad at all.

*This face! I am powerless to resist it!

*A steady supply of books to read.

*Comfy pjs. Especially on frigid nights like this.

*Indoor plumbing. Especially on frigid nights like this.


  1. I've never drunk a cup of coffee, but (apparently unlike everyone else on earth :D ) I don't really like the smell - though it is good in Ice Cream.
    Also, I got your card today, and thank you so much. On those days when I can't imagine what it is that I'm still walking around the world for, I'll pull it out and think of it. Thanks, Ms Debi, it was so kind of you..

  2. Indoor plumbing is a very good thing. So are robes. I love my robe. I think I need to go to sleep, yes? I sound a bit incoherent...or just scattered-random.

  3. Could you imagine having to trek out to the outhouse with wind chills -15 below??? I love that face too...when my fur baby Bruce looks at me like that I always cave and give him a piece of cheese!!

  4. Oh yes, indoor plumbing is indeed a good thing!! If I actually made homemade coffee I'd totally buy from Dean's Beans :p I'm a spoiled brat and have to have coffee shop coffee every day though, lol. I LOVE my espresso beans that you sent me though!! They're so good :D And awwwwww....look at Baker :D He's so cute!!! #luvbaker and #luvdebi

  5. I don't know how I missed so many days of reading your blog and all of your "good stuff"! I love these posts...they just make me happy and make me feel like I am in a little piece of your world! They also remind me to think of all the good stuff in my life, so thank you!

    That is sooooooo exciting that Annie babysits now and that she gives you such a good rate :) I hope you and Rich can go out an do some fun things together - book shopping is a most excellent start!

  6. I love that you included plumbing! Definitely easy to take for granted.

    And lol - #luvebaker :D

  7. ah yup... outhouses are not my thing! happy for you that you have indoor plumbing!

    ahhh and our animals are such a comfort. great post today Debi.

  8. Where would we be without the indoor loo! When I was little, my parents rented a flat in an old Victorian house, where the toilet was outside, so I actually remember having to use an outdoor loo. I also vividly remember my daft brother, shutting the toilet window and catching my nose in it!

  9. I hope you're going to post sometime about the opera gloves you're making for Annie. :-)

  10. Oooh, you're reading Kaspar! I hope you're enjoying it! ^-^

    And so many things we do indeed take for granted... But it's good to be reminded of them, so thank you for that. ^-^

  11. I love drinking coffee. I always make terrible coffee so I ended up buying a Keruig. I love that machine. I have one in my classroom too. It is a perfect cup every time!

    I'm also loving my cozy, soft, warm pj's. I wish I were in them now!!

    I grew up in my great grandmother's house and I remember my mother telling me about the outhouse that used to be there. She said that one morning she fell down the stairs with a chamber pot she was emptying. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I'm with you on the indoor plumbing thing!

    take care,