Saturday, February 27, 2010


February 26th "Good Stuff"

And now, just because I love learning more about you all, I've decided to throw on a question at the end of some of my posts. Just totally random questions. Obviously, don't feel like you have to answer...I'm not trying to be nosy or anything. :)

So, what song, at this very moment, is your favorite? (I suspect for most people, it changes constantly, thus the "at this very moment.")


  1. Hey you! First, can I admit that I really, really didn't like The House on Mango Street? :(

    Second - songs...actually my favorite song has stayed the same for 4 years, if you can believe that. It's Panic in the Springtime by Stiffs, Inc. Not that anyone else in the world beyond the tiny collection of like 500 Stiffs Inc fans even knows much less likes that song, but still, I adore it! :D

  2. Amanda,
    Really? You didn't like The House on Mango Street? I'm only about halfway through it, but I am absolutely in love so far!
    And now, I'm off to see if I can hear your song online somewhere. :)

  3. Amanda,
    Darn. :( I couldn't find it anywhere. You'll just have to make me a mix CD sometime. :)

  4. My song loves change so fast that I'm not even sure which one I'm wild about right now. I bought Train's new album which I love, and there's a track on there called "Marry Me" that appeals to my cheesy romantic Pisces dreamer side. That and "Wash Away" (which you may have heard on that Dawn commercial where they're washing off the penguins and other wildlife, too, I think) and other stuff by Joe Purdy are big ones for me right now.

    How about you?

  5. Debi! I know where you can listen to Panic. My myspace profile has it playing:

    If it doesn't play right away, it's the song located first in my player so you can hit play and listen. :D

  6. Go Long by Joanna Newsom.

    Miss you. *hug*

  7. Love all these pictures! Maybe I'll start doing a picture gratitude thing. :) Right now, I'm really into Nina Simone...she was mentioned in a book I read recently (Orange Mint and Honey) and I've been listening to her on youtube ever since!

  8. What a darling picture of the boys, but boy do they look fearsome! and such a cozy one of Annie.

    It's hard to read House on Mango Street without a pencil in hand, huh? So many things that pop out in that one. Hope you're enjoying.

    Favorite song? That IS a tough one. My favorite song EVER is Elsewhere by Sarah McLachlan. Really anything off of that Fumbling Towards Ecstacy album. Which I had my speakers for my comp unpacked.

    Are you going to share your favorite song with us?? :) PS--love the question idea.

  9. my favorite song is still Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream.. the version she did on Britians got talent.. I play that all the time!

    Hooray for good food!! :o)

  10. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael it!!

    I loved your good stuff in pictures, even the wild snow monsters you have!! They scare me :)

  11. Well, I lack the panache and strong sense of my own musical taste of most of the commenters... my taste is frequently awful, Amanda will attest. But at the moment (And I'm VERY fickle) it's a tie between 'La Vie Boheme' from the original cast recording of 'Rent', and 'Forget What You Came For" by 'The Myriad (a beautiful song! It makes me cry, and is the inspiration for the climactic scene in the book I'm writing and will never finish :D).

    Also, hopefully Ms Annie is not offended, but every time I see her now, I think 'goose'. In a nice way :).

  12. Oh I just love these pictures so much :D Y'all still have all that snow?! I'd kill for snow!! I think my favorite of this batch is a tie between Annie drinking her coffee/hot chocolate/whatever that is and Baker :D

    As for favorite songs...I have three right now that I'm playing repeatedly. My actual favorite is probably "Go Do" by Jonsi. So amazing. I'm also really loving "Quick Canal" by Atlas Sound and "Strange Reunions" by Yeasayer. All very different but awesome songs :)

  13. Fireflies by Owl City, but a close second is Alycia Keys and New York ( with out Jzee).

    The snow looks like cotton wool!

  14. Hey, that white stuff looks awfully familiar!!! :)

    Hmmm...favorite song at the moment? I just checked out Fleetwood Mac's CD Rumors and have been listening to it a ton. Such a great CD. I think the classic You Make Lovin' Fun is my favorite song at the moment.

  15. Love the picture of the boys. I love all of the pictures, actually, but the one of the boys just made me giggle!