Monday, February 22, 2010

winter break good stuff

Just a note on something I've learned through this exercise: When things are sucking for me personally, I still find it possible to keep my eyes open for the "good stuff." Not that it's easy, but it's definitely doable. But it's infinitely harder to look for the "good stuff" when someone I love is going through a terrible time. I'm not sure if it's some sort of unconscious guilt about finding things to be happy about when I know someone I care about is hurting. I'm not sure if somewhere deep inside I feel like I'm betraying them by finding things to smile about when I know they're not smiling. Anyway, just an observation.

Feb. 12th "Good Stuff"

*Technically, winter break doesn't start here for another hour (when the boys get home from school), but SQUEEEEEEEEE...this had to make today's good stuff list...Ana, one of the most wonderful people I've ever known, got fabulously wonderful news today!!! Yes, yes, yes...I am just giddily happy for her!!!! :D #luvana

*Darwin Day. Yes, I am married to a science geek. And yes, every year we celebrate Darwin's birthday. Annie has a friend spending the night...and you know, instead of thinking that we were total dorks, I think she actually enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" to old Charlie.
(Oh okay, I know it was really just the cupcakes she was happy about.)

Feb. 13th "Good Stuff"

*I was incredibly productive, and accomplished so much! Well, with school stuff anyway. But don't ask me about the state of our home. ;)

Feb. 14th "Good Stuff"

*My hubby spoils me rotten. Yes indeed, he does. A gift card for books...does this man know how to make his "Valentine" happy or what? :)

*Family traditions. In this case, our heart pancakes for supper on Valentines Day. Despite the fact that for some reason, the blueberries hassled me endlessly with their sticking, thus the pancakes didn't come out all that "pretty." Oh well...they still tasted delicious.

Feb. 15th "Good Stuff"

*SQUEEEEE...more awesome news for an awesome friend!!! #luvana

Feb. 16th "Good Stuff"

*Whew. X a bazillion. It's been a tough, tense 24+ hours of worrying. My mom's best friend, a woman I've known all my life, had been having some major health problems lately (coughing up blood, severe exhaustion, etc.) but the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. Finally it was found that she had an aortic aneurysm (it was in a spot that just hadn't been showing up on any of the scans before) actually broke through, but there was a wall of calcium that had kept her from bleeding out. It wasn't even something anyone in her area could handle...she was immediately sent to a leading specialist in the field. He gave her a 50-50 chance of surviving the surgery. But survive she did! And thus far, is doing well.

*Finished The Ask and the Answer. Whoa.

Feb. 17th "Good Stuff"

*Our mini at-home vacation begins! We drove the kids to my parents house, had lunch with everyone, belatedly celebrated my dad's birthday, and then Rich and I headed for home. We took the long way home so we could hit this huge antique mall. Spent a few hours antiquing, having a ball hanging out together. This little planter is my favorite purchase...I'm going to use it in my scrapbooking area to hold pencils, etc. I have no idea why it caught my eye the way it's really not my normal "style"...but I am totally in love with this little deer. :)

Feb. 18th "Good Stuff"

*Oh my gosh...just everything about this day. A whole entire day with my awesome husband. Book shopping. Coffee. Hanging out. Watching a movie. Reading. Just being together, just the two of us. Heaven.

Feb. 19th "Good Stuff"

*Yet another day of relaxing. Used book stores. Art supplies. Discovering this fantastic little vegetarian Ethiopian restaurant. Finding I Kill Giants--finally. More movie time. More reading. More just being together, just the two of us. More heaven.

Feb. 20th "Good Stuff"

*Seeing the munchkins again.

*Eating Animals. Despite the fact that it's possible I will have to pull one of my hide away from the world for a few days defensive maneuvers, because I seriously lack coping skills.

Feb. 21st "Good Stuff"

*Another year in this life. A life that is blessed beyond words. With the most wonderful husband I could ever dream of. With three incredible people that call me "Mom." With the very best friends I could possibly imagine. With so very much more...

*Being married to a science geek. Yeah, I mentioned that above with the Darwin birthday party thing. More proof: Last night, he dreamed that our neighbor won a preserved coelacanth. She didn't want it, and asked Rich if he did. Well duh--no need to ask what he said to that offer, is there? Anyway, he then had to go on and explain to the neighborhood the importance of coelacanth as a transitional fossil. He so cracks me up--he thought this was an awesome dream. Now for anyone who might someday come visit, I promise you he doesn't act this way in real life. Well, not often anyway. ;)

*Said science geek husband is a wonderful cook...and he made me the most incredible manicotti for supper. Mmmmmm...

*Chris's new app. :D #luvchris

*Chatting on Twitter. Oh, how I've missed it. And oh, how I've missed my wonderful friends! Thanks to all you lovelies for an incredibly enjoyable afternoon. #luvana #luvchris #luvamanda #luvjason #luvcare

*Sooooo many awesome-sounding books for my birthday.

*The USA/Canada hockey game! Sorry Kelly. :( But you gotta admit it was a hell of a game, right? :D #luvkelly

While winter break had its ups and downs (the downs coming in the form of worrying about people I love), I have to say that it was a much-needed and much-appreciated break. I hope that I'll now be able to keep up a little better with the day-to-day. Including blog reading. (Though I will be hitting that "mark as read" button and starting anew.) But if I can't keep up...well, I'm going to try to stop beating myself up over it. I got a wonderful e-mail from the wonderful Care with some very wise words. I'm going to try to remember them. Thank you, dear friend. #luvcare

I hope everyone had a glorious mid-February!


  1. GOOD STUFF INDEED! #luvdebi!!
    - Care

  2. There are so many wonderful things here that I don't know how to begin to comment. Instead let me just say we love you and it's great to see you again, and twitter yesterday was awesome too. :) #luvdebi

  3. Glad to hear you had a lovely time with hubby. Sometimes you just need to break away and just bea couple.

    I am glad to hear your mum's friend is OK. She must have been really scared.

    Loving Darwin Day and loving that your back. It is far too quiet without you, but we understand you need to take a break sometimes.

  4. I love that you listed good stuff for all the days you were away :) Thank you for a glimpse into your life. And I'm so glad your mom's best friend is okay!

    Your birhday loot is awesome indeed! I've been meaning to get my hands on Essex County ever since I saw Blankets compared to it. Let me know if it's as good as it sounds.

    And finally, I'm so glad Care talked some sense into you about blogging :D

  5. Heart pancakes! Darwin's birthday party! A husband who cooks delicious food! I hope you don't mind if I come to live with you now.... ;-)

  6. There is so much goodness that I'm finding it hard to focus on one thing. The it!!!!!!! Having some hubby and you time..awesome!! Your mom's friend pulling through...amazingly wonderful!! You--wonderful, loving, great mom, wife, and person!!!!

    P.S. who cares what your house looks like?? One day you'll wake up and the kids will all be out of the nest but you'll have so many wonderful memories to look back upon. That is so much more important than keeping up with the Jones' and being able to eat off your kitchen floors!!!

  7. So many good stuff here, Debi! :D
    I'm glad that your mom's best friend is doing well!

  8. So great to come over here and not only see 'a' post, but to see one so filled with all the simple pleasures that make life one grand adventure.

    First off, I am so thrilled for your mom's best friend. That had to be one of the scariest things imaginable and I am so glad she came through the surgery well.

    Love your new pencil holder, that is great! I imagine it will induce a smile every time you see it.

    I don't think it is ever betraying those we care about to have a good time. I think it betrays them when we don't. All of us, no matter what we are going through, want those we love to be having the best moments possible.

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. With a hectic week ahead I will now be reminded of looking for the simple pleasures and savoring them.

    *heart* you all!

  9. Oh wow I love it all so much Debi :D :D!!! Except for your mom's friend :( But I'm glad to hear that she's doing ok.

    I still feel so horrible that I forgot that the other day was your birthday until you thanked us for a wonderful birthday afternoon :( I'm such a #friendfail. But I am so thrilled that it was a good day and that you got to spend the few days before in such a wonderful way with such a wonderful guy :D

    Big big big hugs!!

  10. what a great post! and love the photos! I am glad you had a wonderful b'day!! (and very happy that your moms friend is doing well!)

  11. Wait a minute... how did you make the pancakes? Do you have a heart shaped cookie cutter for it or something, or do you just scrape a corner into the bottom, or what? Happy birthday, again, I DID finally manage to send your present, WIThOUT locking the keys in the car this time... :D

  12. Darwin day! How great is that. And yup, that cupcake looks like the most delicious thing ever.

    Oh Debi--I love your good stuff and I love that you can find so much good in every single day. I feel like I get so busy sometimes that I don't stop to think about the good stuff. How about sneaking a extra half hour at lunch to talk about Les Miserables over a fabulous lunch with friends. Or my husband not allowing me to get out of bed this morning because he needed extra cuddle time (my non-affectionate husband).

    One of these days I'm going to pull The Knife of Never Letting Go off the shelf so I can know what you guys are talking about!

    Miss you!