Tuesday, December 29, 2009

another day of good stuff

December 28th "Good Stuff"

*I have to admit that one of things I pouted heavily about on Christmas was the weather. After two weeks of temps not hitting 30 degrees, we finally get a warm-up...on Christmas eve. :( While there was still snow on the ground for Christmas, it reached nearly 40 degrees and rained. By Saturday, the snow had been melted and washed away. Call me spoiled, but when patches of grass dare show their faces during winter proper, it leaves me feeling unsettled. I like my winters white, white, white. And yesterday, my equilibrium was restored. :D I woke up to a beautiful white lawn again, and the forecast has snow every day for the next week. Things are back to normal, and I am a happy gal.

*Christmas cards! Do you all get a such a thrill when a Christmas card arrives in your mailbox? Thank you to two wonderful friends--Care and Kelly--for putting such a huge smile on my face yesterday!!!

*Rich was feeling so good yesterday that he was craving food from our favorite Mexican restaurant (actually the only decent Mexican restaurant around). I, of course, was happy to oblige his cravings!

Yes, it feels so good to remember what an incredibly lucky woman I am...


  1. I miss white Christmases. Actually, where we lived in Wisconsin, there was rarely a full white Christmas. Snow didn't start hitting heavy until January/February. But there was usually at least a dusting, and maybe even a snow on that day. Honestly, I just miss snow in general. Sigh.

    (how's that for a whiny comment?)

  2. I have never experiences a white Christmas :( I should just pack a bag and move to upstate New York for one winter one of these years, uh? ;)

    I'm so glad Rich is feeling better! And hooray for Christmas cards :)

  3. Amanda,
    Not whiny at all! I totally understand, believe me...I hated winter in TN. I think when you're born and raised in snow, you're never quite the same without it. Or maybe that's just us. (January and February are definitely our serious snow months here, too.)

    YES, YES, YES, you should!!!! Now I'm daydreaming of taking you sledding. :D

  4. Sigh... White Christmases! I miss snow, too! We're going to have to have a big blogger Christmas in New York, next year... I hope that gives you time to build an extra wing on the house...

  5. I'm a bit saddened that the rain washed away all the snow (and still left the grime somehow) but I do love the 20 degrees right now. 'cept the wind is howlin'. ok, best to end this comment on a good note: yea! the SUN is shining!

  6. (you just got the card this week? I sent that awhile ago... or did I? hmmmmmm)

  7. Jason,
    Okay, so the extra wing thing probably isn't gonna happen...but I don't think any of us will mind a little cozyness, will we? :D

    You probably DID send the card a while ago...it got delivered to our neighbors by mistake...who knows how long it took them to bring it over. ;) Was definitely worth the wait! :)

  8. I was hoping for a white Christmas as we had lots of snow up till 3 days before Christmas and then it was gone. We are due some more for New Year, so perhaps we will start the new year in white.

  9. yay! I am glad to hear people are starting to get my cards... Even if they are late...

    We have snow! We are having a bit of a snowstorm at the moment... I like it to be white, too, and then snow just enough that the snow doesn't get the ugly brown colour.

  10. I grew up with winters and so I always loved a white christmas .. the last one I remember that was really white, white my brother and david were still alive and my brother was still able to move somewhat and get in and out of a car. It was christmas eve and we went to davids niece's home it was not snowing..but the time we left there were a number of inches on the ground!! It was beautiful

  11. Mmmmmmmm....Mexican food...

    We didn't get a white Christmas in Boise either, but came home to plenty of snow. Got more last night, too! I figure if it is going to be cold (which is fine by me!) it might as well be snowy, too!

  12. Vivienne,
    I hope you do get a pretty white start to 2010! But even if you don't, I hope that 2010 brings you loads of other things to be happy about!

    LOL...yeah, I agree...as much as I love the pretty white stuff, the ugly brown crap that follows is just plain yucky! Luckily around here, we usually get at least a little snow most days to keep the gross stuff at bay until spring.

    Oh my, that memory put such a smile on my face, as I'm sure it must do for you.

    YES--I'm with you! If it's going to be cold, it ought to be snowy enough to play in. Or at least look pretty from the windows inside a nice warm house!

  13. I like Jason's idea of a big blogger Christmas in New York next year :D That's such a gorgeous picture Debi!! And I'm so glad to hear that Rich is feeling a little bit better!! Yum! Mexican :D

  14. Chris,
    I rather like Jason's idea, too! And you KNOW you're welcome here ANYTIME!!!

  15. Actually, I grew up in the south with no snow, so I'm not sure what made me love it so much. But the 5 years we spent in Wisconsin were wonderful, and I hate heat. Always have. Weird, huh? The rest of my family is complete opposite.

  16. Christmas in Michigan was barely white!! Very depressing...if we have to put up with the cold temps then give me pretty snow!!!!