Monday, December 28, 2009

getting an early start

Part of my New Year's resolution was to appreciate more, the big and the little things that make life so incredibly wonderful. I decided yesterday that one way to help me do that might be to record daily at least one "good stuff" item from that day. And well, this blog is just the easiest place to do that. So if I'm posting something else on any particular day, I'll just tack on my "good stuff" at the end. And of course, it's not yet 2010, but there's no point in waiting, is there?

December 27th "Good Stuff"
*Rich was feeling better! Not 100%, but definitely much, much better. :D

 *French toast for lunch. Yum. And being told by Annie that I'm the best French toast maker in the world. (She's obviously not had much made by others.)

*Guilt-free book buying (thank you, dear brother of mine!).

And already today has given me plenty to smile about, too.


  1. I love french toast! Just might have to make some for breakfast tomorrow. and today, I'm thankful for awesome mac&cheese - that's what I had for lunch. :)

  2. Mmmm, French Toast :D

    And I see The Canon! You know, I felt awful - Mathie got me that for Christmas, but I had mooched it the previous week :( I should know better than to mooch books before Christmas, but I didn't think he'd pick that :P Fortunately it's easy enough to return it to Amazon and get a refund. Anyway, it sounds like an awesome book and I bet we'll both love it :D

  3. Book buying is always something to smile about. :D

    (I have to be honest - I hate French toast. Something about the egg batter that always tastes slightly like burned eggs. I just can't do it.)

  4. French toast is so goooood!!!! I bet your is wonderful!! I love the good helps put life into perspective!!!

  5. Sounds like your holiday was a bit icky in some ways this year, but you are making the best of life, as usual!

    And I happen to think you make the best french toast, too! Annie is a smart girl! :)

  6. A good thing a day sounds grand! So glad you started early!

  7. ohhh just looking at that french toast makes me think Annie is right! mmmmmmm, what sort of bread is that???

  8. I think part of why Amanda hates french toast is that mine is't terribly good :D. I'll have to take lessons from you!

  9. I DID have french toast for breakfast today! Thx for the inspiration.