Thursday, December 17, 2009

arrrgh...where did the time go?!!!

I cannot believe that Christmas Eve is one week away. That's the day I need to be done with everything, as my family will be arriving on my doorstep late that morning. I have NEVER been this unprepared at this point in time ever before. I haven't finished making, let alone sending, cards. I haven't finished shopping. I have a list of fifteen gifts--mostly small--yet to be made (obviously, some are not going to happen). I haven't begun to make a dent in my wrapping. I haven't finished the baking. I haven't made a menu, let alone a grocery list, for the days when we'll have guests. Hell, I haven't even finished decorating the house!

But for all my bitching, I'm honestly in very good spirits! All those things that need done least, they're fun things, right? And Christmas music playing makes things even cheerier. And last night we got another 5 inches of snow overnight, and it is still coming down, and it is looking positively lovely outside. So, while I may be frazzled (like 98% of the population right now), I'm happy.

Feeling bad mostly that I just can't keep up with reading blogs right now, etc. And feeling extremely sad for a wonderful friend, who had a devastating disappointment this week. Wishing like crazy I had time to read...

Yeah, but overall, who am I to complain, right? I've got a wonderful life!


  1. Hi Debi. Hugs to you. I thought I'd be all caught up and then all this happened. I still need to wrap presents - haven't started - and I have too much else going on. I'm trying to get back into the Christmas spirit after that devastation, but I feel so twisted around and dizzy that I don't know how. I'm not trying to complain here on your blog, you already know how i feel. Sorry, bit obsessive. I just wanted to say I sympathize.

  2. *grin* I know that feeling around Christmas - and we're leaving for five days! I'm trying not to think of how behind we'll be this year. I gave up on getting outside lights up :D

  3. ONE WEEK?! Surely you're joking. I have SO much to do, and I'll be working until the 23rd :(

    Ah least I'm in good spirits as well, and that's what matters most :D

  4. More hugs! I gotta ask ... have you, Rich, and the kidlings been reading A Christmas Mystery? If so, how are you liking it? When my guys were younger, they'd start looking forward to it in November even after they'd heard the whole story the year before.

    We will put up tree and limited decor here this weekend, when Steve moves home from the dorm. I still have a bunch of gifts to wrap, but that will get done. Still have about half a dozen "breakfast in a bag" gifts to finish and deliver. Those are gift bags with two jars of Virginia jam or apple butter, two one-pot bags of good coffee, and one loaf of fresh homemade bread. These are for teachers, my hairdresser, etc. My special female friends get a bottle of wine along with everything else.

    And hey! At least you have snow! I can't remember the last time we had anything close to a white Christmas here. That would make it feel so much more like Christmas!

  5. I'm a little more amazed than usual about how time has flown by this year, particularly since October. I don't recall my favorite time of year flying by so quickly ever before. I haven't been able to do near enough celebrating yet! But I plan to enjoy the last few weeks of the year and bask in the Christmas spirit throughout. It is indeed a wonderful life.

  6. You're've got a wonderful life so sit back and enjoy it..bumps and all!! Everything will fall into place and without even realizing it you will have all those things taken care of!!

  7. Ack! I want to just come curl up at your house Debi!! So bad, lol. It truly sounds wonderful over there despite the hectic nature of everything. I'm sorry you're so busy right now :( I wish I could help you. I really would love to! Just try to have as much fun as you can getting all of the stuff done that you have to. make the best out of it. #luvdebi!!!!!

  8. I just our tree up last Sunday. Have not one present wrapped. Still have lots of stuff to buy for the kids. No cooking done. No cleaning. Trust me. I feel your pain. Honestly, I'm just looking for some down time. We have our own little Christmas at the house, but we tend to do most of the big family stuff elsewhere. That way, when we get home, we can totally be relaxed.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to finish my shopping (hopefully). A Christmas party tomorrow night. Then working all weekend. It's supposed to snow tonight. Hopefully, a pretty white Christmas!

  9. Amanda,
    I know, I've felt so bad...having this happen at any time would be devastating, but having it happen now, well, that's just life truly dumping it on, huh? *hugs* And :) so happy that there's been some good news!

    I think we've given up on the outdoor lights, too. :( Well, except for our lighted PEACE sign, which I really think we should just leave up year round.

    Isn't it crazy...just one week?!! And you want to know what else is crazy...Rich's college is giving finals through the 23rd!!! Isn't that just ridiculous?!! I feel awful for the poor students.

    I love the breakfast in a bag special! But I'm all your girlfriends like to drink wine with breakfast? ;)
    And hey, looks like you're going to be in for some snow here this weekend, huh?
    As for The Christmas Mystery...sadly, we didn't read it this year. I had it out in its special reserved place, all set for Dec. 1...but then the damn flu hit. It was about Dec. 5th before I even felt human enough to think about it again. :( So I guess next year will have to be its inaugural year here.

    Hooray for basking!!! I do hope you all are enjoying yourselves and making the most of every minute! :D

    Like your thinking, girl!

    You know how badly I want that to be so, don't you?!! Seriously, I daydream away as I go about my business...thinking about how cool it would be to have "our little family" here, wrapping presents at the kitchen table while we munch on cookies, having you go out to the living room to help the boys with their card buildings, settling in with pizza and beer to watch A Christmas Story... Dammit, why does New Orleans have to be so far away.

    I hope you get your pretty white Christmas! But mostly I hope you get a beautiful Christmas with your family and some down time to just relax!

  10. A good breakfast merely fortifies you for later ingestion of wine. And it's always evening somewhere in the world, so if you want to start on the wine early...

    Yes, we are told that snow is on its way, with more than a foot possible before it ends. I have also heard that it may stay on the ground through Christmas, which would be oh so very cool.

    I shall check in next year on what you and yours think of Christmas Mystery. It is definitely worth waiting for.

  11. if you aren't on before Christmas I hope you and your family have a wonderful one.. was that last statement "I have a wonderful life" a bit of a pun from the movie?? huh? huh? lol...

  12. Always too much to do and too little time, but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas anyway! and thanks for the reminder that it is a wonderful life despite the stress and craziness!

  13. Finally, I have found you! I hope you don't mind me coming and visiting you over here, but it isn't the same without you. I love the new blog and you are going on my google reader, so don't move again!Love and hugs Viv

  14. Have a happy and healthy and full of laughter Christmas Debi !!