Sunday, January 24, 2010


Like I need any more reasons to feel like a loser. I'm admitting temporary defeat. To both a book and to a crafty project.

The book: The Grapes of Wrath. Not because I don't like it. But because I have a feeling I would love it, if I could give it the attention it deserves. And I just haven't been able to do that thus far. Five pages here, another five there, two here, and four there...just not the way to get the most out of this book I fear. Not the way to get the most out of most books for that matter. But I really want to give this one the time it deserves. So I'm just setting it aside for now...maybe I'll be able to start it over this summer. We'll see.

The crafty project: These opera gloves. Annie saw a picture of them in the Lion Brand yarn catalog and fell in love. So when I was able to find the pattern on line, I decided to make them for her for her birthday. But they've been a real pain. And they seem to be turning out to be too big for her arms...despite the fact that I checked my gauge (something I'm usually too lazy to do). I think it's just her skinny little arms. So I'm setting them aside, too. To possibly finish when she's done growing. If she still likes them then, that is. In the meantime, I think I'll just see if I can't design some on my own for her. Again, we'll see.

January 23rd/24th "Good Stuff"

*It looks like I really, truly am going to get to meet the sweet, wonderful Amanda!!! I've known this was a possibility for a couple of weeks, but I'm sort of weird--I do my absolute darnedest to not let myself get my hopes up for things. I tend to look at things from the worst case scenario side (so I can often find myself pleasantly surprised) as opposed to looking at things from the best case scenario side (and ending up disappointed). But now that we've come up with a very doable plan...well, SQUEEEEEE...I get to be giddy!!! And I sooooo love to be giddy! :D #luvamanda

*I've been extremely productive school-wise today...and that feels so good, because I really needed to be. I feel so good about my progress that I think I'll take the evening off and cheer on the Saints.

*Rich cooked Boca Burgers for dinner...yum...and it's time to go eat right now.


  1. Wish I could offer insight on the opera gloves, but I don't do gloves ... or socks. I am, right now, working on a shawl out of yarn that is a blend of wool and New Zealand possum fur. Oh so very soft. I am quite happy with how that is coming along.

    Meeting internet-friends ... priceless. As are husbands who make dinner or clean up after.

  2. Gee, if the gloves were knitted I would have happily offered to make them for you!

    I read of Mice and Men way back in high school. In 1983 when I got my first VCR I recored it and I haven't watched it yet! Talk about procrastination!

    I am happy that you are going to be able to meet your friend. I hope you have a wonderful time when you do!

    take care,

  3. Don't feel bad about Grapes - you're right, it's a good that is wonderful to spend some time with, so save it for when you can truly savor it. Nothing wrong with waiting. I did the same thing with East of Eden - I read like 30 pages and was just not able to devote attention to it, so I set it aside for 4 months and when I came back to it I loved it so much more.

    And SQUEEEE for NY! :D

  4. I looked at that gloves pattern, and the widest point is 13 something inches! That wouldn't fit my skinny arm either. If you can get Annie's arm measurements right below her elbow and around her wrist, I can adapt the pattern for you. Or if you send me the yarn, I'll happily make them for you!

  5. It hurts to give up a project, even if it's the right thing to do, but good for you for being brave about it :).

  6. I wouldn't feel bad about giving up on Grapes. It's not like you are abandoning it. You are putting it aside for a later reading!!

    I couldn't see the pattern, since I'm not a member, but knowing Annie, I'm sure they are cool!!

    Woot! Woot!! for the Saints! What a fantastic game. But I do like Peyton Manning. Not sure who to cheer for now!

  7. how exciting to meet another blogger and then see chris again later in the summer!! woohoo!!!!

  8. Jean,
    Oooh, I can't wait to see you will be forthcoming, I do hope!

    Dawn, that is procrastination! But at least you haven't given up on ever getting it watched, right? :)

    Eva, just couldn't be any sweeter, could you?!! Let me answer that--No, you couldn't! Thank you so much for the offer...believe me, I know how time-consuming it would be!

    I'm actually probably going to have to buy another ball of yarn...ripping it out, I'm going to end up with a bunch of pieces as you're fastening off all the time. (You make all the flowerets first...and then there's two laid out across the width, and you crochet the outer side of one, fasten off, crochet the section between the two, fasten off, crochet the other end, fasten off...then crochet a few rows across the whole width before starting the next section with flowerets, and so on. Hence all the little pieces of yarn.) I'll probably just try to design them differently, probably with just the flowerets on the top.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the offer, Eva! You just make my heart (and the rest of me!) happy. :D

    Yes, you get it! It does hurt, doesn't it?

    Duh, Debi...I didn't realize no one could see the picture, so thanks for letting me know. Fixed it. :)

    And yeah, what a game! I have to admit I love high-scoring games. But I have NO problem knowing who to cheer for...I hate the Colts!

    I know, honestly I sort of feel like it's all too good to be true. :D

  9. What are Boca Burgers?

    I am really happy to think that you are going to meet up with Amanda. You guys will have a great time.

  10. Ack! I hate giving up on projects! But sometimes it just has to be done. Don't feel bad, my friend - you will get back to both of them eventually I am sure! Or find other even better projects to finish!

    I have Grapes on my list to read soon but since I have been putting it off for years for fear of not being able to devote the time to it, I may continue to put it off! Maybe after I win the lottery and we can get together for that long awaited trip to a tropical island for rest and relaxation we can both read it!

    Those gloves are cool! Wish I could whip you up a pair, but I am afraid that is far past my crafting ability!

  11. *smacks* NOT A LOSER. It's good to know when to admit temporary defeat. And saving a book for when you know you'll be better able to appreciate it seems very sensible to me.

  12. *follows Ana's smack with another one!* listen to Ana! LOL...ok, that's enough being mean to Debi now, but're not a loser...I've done that with so many books. Even books that I was really MIDDLESEX! I was loving that book, but had to put it aside because I knew it was a bad time. OOOOH! Just had a great idea! I'm totally reading that for the transgendered month of Amanda's LGBT mini-challenge!!!! Wanna read it with me? Or have you read it already? Sorry, you're seeing Chris' train of thought as it happens here :p

    OMG I'm so excited you get to meet Amanda :D She's so freaking sweet Debi!!!! Wait until you get one of her wonderful hugs :) I wish Jason was going too so that you got to meet him too!! So exciting :)

    And yay Saints and yay Boca Burgers :D I love those...especially with cheese melted on top!

    P.S. Glad to see you hate the Colts ;) Though I have to admit that we love Peyton Manning down here! He's from New Orleans and still loves the city and of course his dad is one of the famous Saints this city is going nuts over this Super Bowl matchup!

  13. Does the meeting plan involve BEA week? I want to meet!!! Here's where I throw my foot stomping temper-tantrum: Everyone gets to meet but me! Everyone is having fun but me! Wahhhh Wahhhhh Wahhhh! LOL :D