Saturday, January 23, 2010

surprise, surprise...good stuff

January 22nd "Good Stuff"

*My dad had surgery yesterday. And everything went very well. Not that problems were expected, but it's nice to have that nerve-wracking worrying over with anyway. And as happy as I am that it's over with, and I'm sure he's even happier.

*This almost seems odd to put on a list of good things. But it's something good that comes from extremely sadness. Jason's Poor Kitties Memorial Fund. He started this in response to sadness. Neil Gaiman's sweet, beautiful cat Zoe is dying. And Bookfool, a woman with a heart of gold, has been left with that heart aching as she just lost a much-loved feline friend. While not everyone reacts to the loss of a furry loved one in the same way, for so many of us it's truly a loss that defies words. But Jason invited us to say a few words about kitties who have touched our own lives. I think I will just link to this post I wrote a few years I said, this kind of loss defies words, but I tried in that post to convey what one big, beautiful, affectionate feline baby meant to this family. Especially to one little boy. And you know, it's now been 3 1/2 years since Taco died, and he is still missed daily by every one of us.
While Jason has suggested a charity to donate to, I do hope he won't mind if I donate to our wonderful local shelter instead. Max has a new buddy now, Lucky. And while Lucky could never in a bazillion years replace Taco, he is a very special new friend. And without Lollypop Farm, who kept this sweet abandoned cat alive for several months just waiting for the right person to come and love him, Max wouldn't have this very special kitty in his life now. And neither would the rest of us.

*Rich. For more reasons than I could ever list.


  1. The kitteh fund has been nice. :) I'm glad to hear surgery went well, even if it wasn't something to worry about.

  2. I think it's great that you are donating to Lollipop Farm. They do great stuff...taking into account Baker! And thanks for saying nice things about me.

  3. I'm so glad the surgery went well, Debi! And *hugs* for Taco and for all the kitties everyone has ever lost :(

  4. Oh yes! I didn't mean to imply that people hsould ONLY give to the name I put up - I just thought it would be goot to give people an idea if they didn't have one. Sorry if I sounded like I was limiting people... but thanks for sharing your kitty stories :).

  5. Kitties are so good. So are great husbands. I think we both have winners in that last department.

    Glad your dad's surgery went well. I hope the recover period goes just as well.

    I hope you and yours have a splendid weekend!

  6. I'm very glad to hear that your dad's surgery went well. That is always a relief, isn't it??

    Hope you and the family have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. I am glad to hear your dad's surgery went OK. I remember when my dad had a new shoulder blade put in, I was on pins.

    I am a cat lover too and I don't think I have ever really got over having to put my cat Oscar down. He was such a character and used to talk to me in his own cat way. He was a very noisy cat and it seemed like sometimes we were having a real conversation. He used to love to head butt you too. I really do miss him.

  8. I am glad to hear that your dad's surgery went well. I sure that having the burden of worry lifted has made you feel better!

    We adopted our dog 7 months ago and the love we have for him is so great. It is amazing how our lives are touched by the animals we have.

    take care,

  9. I just read about this on Ana's blog and what a great cause it is. What would we do without our fur babies?

  10. I am glad everything went well with your dad.. not surgery is guaranteed even "simple surgery" I am glad for you that it's over!

    pet passings are horrible. I lived with my brother for nearly 10 yrs and they had 10 cats.. some died of old age along the way but still I couldn't forget my Pookey who had died while I was in California..even 10 cats don't take away memories.. but they can help fill the void where one animal once was and make the old memories nicer instead of sadder.