Friday, January 22, 2010

busy, but happy

I had high hopes for 2010...that I was going to keep myself more organized and not let myself get behind on things. Yeah, not really working out that way. ;)

Does anyone else feel guilty when they can't keep up with their blog reading? Especially with the blogs of your very favorite people? *sigh* I hate it!!! I mean, in a way, it seems silly to feel guilty about it. Everybody goes through overly busy patches. I know I certainly don't feel offended or hurt when someone doesn't read my why do I worry that other people will feel that way? Just silly, I know.

On the homeschool front, I managed to get a lot of work done last weekend, but I'm afraid it just wasn't enough to make up for how unbelievably far behind I got in December. So I'm still sort of in overdrive here trying to finish up all that needs done before the end of this quarter. (The quarterly report is due next Friday.) After that, life will hopefully calm just a bit as new deadlines will be off in the distance. :) Yep, after I get that report written next week, I hope to regroup. We'll try for a little more organization then, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. Just explaining. Hopefully, I will then be able to get my act together and make my "good stuff" lists on a daily basis, actually finish some of the many books I have going finished, catch up on what's been going on with everyone, get some creative projects finished...

the last few days of "good stuff"

*Having my own personal music picker-outers who introduce me to awesomeness I would never discover on my own. Ana, I finally listened to the I Am a Bird Now CD. *hanging head in shame that it took me so long* Already I'm in love. Antony's voice is pure heaven. And I just know that I'm only going to fall more and more in love as I have a chance to better soak up the lyrics. Thank you again! #luvana #luvchris

*And also in the #luvana #luvchris category: Having friends you trust so completely that you can discuss touchy issues without fear, make awkward confessions knowing you won't be judged, and share goofy little anythings with the knowledge that they won't think you're a complete idiot.

*Feeling optimistic about getting a "new start" after this quarter is over.

*Thrifting with Rich yesterday. Damn, but I love hanging out with this guy! :D We hit three thrift stores, and found lots of great stuff, including a new coat for Gray. His winter coat was sort of falling apart (not a good thing in upstate NY), but we found him a wonderful one that looks practically brand new. And I found some great stuff for Annie. She's so awesome in that as much as she loves clothes, she never feels like she has to have new, brand-name stuff. We buy nearly all our clothes from thrift stores, and we secretly worried that someday that would start bothering Annie. Bad me...not giving her nearly enough credit.

*And speaking of Miss Annie, she got her grade from her last college course. Another A. So proud of her. Not because she's "smart"...that's the luck of the draw. But because she works hard and she tries new things even when she's nervous about them.

*The boys both gathered up their money...they didn't have much, but they scrounged up their change and whatnot and each came up with almost $5...and donated it to the Walk for Kenya fund raiser Gray's class is hosting. And Annie gave each of them $5 as well. Rich and I were of course already sponsoring both boys, and we never asked them to donate their own money; they all just did it on their own. It just makes me very happy to see that their hearts continue to be caring.

*Anticipation! It's just soooooo wonderful to have awesome things to look forward to, isn't it?!!
--Mom and Dad gave Rich and I a "coupon" for four days/three nights of babysitting in February. They've been doing this for the past several years, keeping the kids for a few days over winter break. Rich and I always have sooooooo much fun! Going wherever we want, whenever we want. Eating whatever and whenever we want. Staying up as late as we want without having to worry about the munchkins getting us up. Yes, it's positively heavenly!
--Hopefully getting to meet Amanda in May! Still working on this one, but am very hopeful. #luvamanda
--And ZOMG...the cat is already out of the bag, so I don't feel like I'll jinx it anymore by talking about it, but one of my very bestest friends in the whole freakin' wide world is coming to visit in August!!!!!! Giddy, yeah, that doesn't begin to describe how this has me feeling! And I've got a houseful of people here sharing the giddy, too! #luvchris


  1. So is Chris visiting you as well as Amanda? How wonderful. I am so jealous that you guys get to see each other.

    I love the present you mum and dad gave you. I would be over the moon with that one.

    I am the thrift shop Queen over here. I practically live in them and know the staff by name. I think it is amazing what people give away.

  2. Hugs to you Debi. Just hugs. :)

  3. I taught my kids all along ... pay full price only when absolutely necessary. Thrift shops rock!

  4. Nah, not silly. I feel that way too and I know some of my other friends feel the same.

    *huggles* You have awesome kids, sweetie. (And please don't hesitate to tell them I think so, if you feel inclined to do so.) Congratulations to Annie!

    Good luck with everything! *sends good thoughts*

  5. Don't be sorry! And I mean this about both not keeping up with blog reading (I can tell you right away that I'd NEVER hold that against you!) and not listening to I am a Bird Now right away. I'm SO happy that you love it as much as I was hoping you would, though :D

    yay for awesome friends :D #luvdebi #luvchris #luvamanda #luvthewholeworldandallitsmessedupfolksdumdyadaydadumdyada

  6. ...having said that, I always feel guilty too :P

  7. Can I just say "ditto" to feeling guilty for not always keeping up with blog reading. It's's our only way of staying connected with some of our friends, so you feel like you're shrugging off some of these friendships, but it's not that at all...At least that's how I feel :p But I know that I don't feel that way about people who don't stop by when life gets busy so I doubt others do too! It's just our own judgments of ourselves Debi, so don't let it get to you!! You can only do what you can do!!

    Hooray for Annie :D I'm so excited for her :D Though it doesn't surprise me at all that she did so well. And your kids are all just so incredible to give money to charity. So sweet of them.

    Oh I so hope that you get to meet Amanda in May Debi!!! She's such an incredibly awesome, sweet wonderful beautiful person and she gives the best hugs in the world!! I hope it works out!

    And yay for me coming to visit :D

  8. There's so much good stuff going on in your post!! I love that Chris is going to be able to visit you!! Yay!!! Thrift stores are so very cool and your kids sound awesome. My boys have never been picky as to where there clothes come from and I love them for that. There's too much pressure on these kids and then to add on having to have the "right" clothes is just silly!! Enjoy your weekend sweetheart!

  9. I feel that reading blog guilt too. I get so caught up in not being caught up that it is harder for me to do it!

    How fun to go thrift shopping. I haven't done that in so long. I want to give it a try soon!

    Congrats to Annie. Her hard work certainly is paying off for her.

    take care,

  10. oh I love thrift stores!!! lol exciting you will see Chris again and that he will get a bit of traveling in at the same time!..looking forward to things is almost as much fun as the actually thing happening! ..

  11. Ack! I had composed a long comment and my computer restarted for updates! I will see if I can get my thoughts together again!

    I was thinking as I clicked on your link earlier that I was sad that I have missed reading your blog for the last few days. I love your good stuff and reading about your happenings!

    I am so glad to hear your dad is doing is always so scary to have anyone you love goign through surgery and I am glad that worry is over for all of you!

    Congrats to Annie and how awesome of Gray and Max to pool and donate their money. Please let me know how I can donate to Gray - I don't want to miss out!

    Taco was a cool cat...sometimes those furry guys just grab a little piece of your heart and never let go no matter how long they have been gone.

    Good friends are wonderful and I think it is so cool that you have found some fabulous ones in the blogosphere! I hope you have wonderful visits with Amanda and Chris - I can't imagine that you will have anything but a super fun time!

  12. Oh! And I am jealous of your coupon - alone time with the hubby and uninterrupted sleep is the BEST!

  13. Also, please don't ever feel guilty about not reading my blog...I don't care if you keep up with my daily mundane happenings! And I love you just as much whether you "check in" or not!

  14. I understand how you feel about the blog reading... if only we have more time in a day!!

    Congratulations to Annie! That's so awesome!! :D

    Hope you all have a great week, Debi!