Tuesday, January 19, 2010

catching up

from the last several days "Good Stuff"

*Can you see the smile behind that book? It's enormous!!! Yes, the smile is good stuff. And yes, the boy with the smile is good stuff. But you know what else is good stuff? The unbelievably sweet, incredibly thoughtful, perfectly wonderful person that put that smile there!!! Thank you again, Chris! I get all teary every time I think about you doing that for Maxidoodle. #luvchris

*And speaking of Chris, there's also this good thing totally related to him. Having one's hopes soaring! :D I am soooooooo unbelievably freakin' excited about something that I can hardly stand it!!!! But it's not a done deal, and I shouldn't be getting my hopes too high yet...but I just can't help it!!!! (I know, I know, I haven't really explained, but I've got this fear of jinxing it.) Seriously, the whole possibility of it has me floating on air... #luvchris

*I was finally cleaning up the Christmas cards we'd gotten, and I was so thrilled to see this beautiful card again. Handmade by the lovely Amanda. I can't tell you how much I love this card...it has such a calming effect on me every time I see it. In fact, I plan on framing it and hanging it in our bedroom. #luvamanda

Max to Rich: Would you rather be a person, a booger, or a robot?
Pretty much a no-brainer as to how Rich answered that one, huh? ;)

*Miss Annie's "style" (even when she's trying to hide from the camera). Actually, what I love most of all is that she just trusts her own style and doesn't care what other people say. Believe me, none of her friends dress anything like her!

*It's conversation heart season!!! The time of year when I go into sugar overdose heaven.

*Another incredibly wonderful person had a birthday--Jason, I hope your day was magical! #luvjason

*Gray's teacher. She is simply the best.

*This video. It just makes me smile. :)

*Two games of BookChase with Annie. Even though she beat me both times.

*Another trip to the bookstore with my sweetie. Sans children. Coffee in the cafe. Gift cards to spend. Ahhhh...

*Fresh snow! We've had five straight days of unseasonably warm weather here, and it had done quite a number on melting our accumulated snow. Grass was visible in places...argh. But that travesty has been taken care of. (At least for a few days...as they say it's going to be really warm again later in the week.)


  1. It's good to hear from you again Debi! I'm afraid I have to admit to making that card about 4 years ago. I haven't done any cardmaking or scrapbooking in at least 3 years. But I have a bunch I made at one point and I keep trying to use them when the rare occasion arises. :)

  2. Happy snow in mid-January!

  3. I hope you and Annie did catch up on all her schoolwork, and that Rich and the boys had a nice time with Joyce. Isn't it nice to have a kid who doesn't worry about following the latest trend and has their own personal sense of style?

  4. The card is gorgeous, I didn't realise Amanda was a closet scrapbooker. We might have to encourage her to take it up again.

    I love Annie's style, I am loving the skirt and the trainers. If only I was twenty years younger, I would love to wear an outfit like that! Age is not a good thing.

  5. Oh lord...Rich wants to be a booger, doesn't he? :p This could totally be a circular game of good stuff :p But I'll just leave it at good thing number two has me really freaking psyched too!! And I'm so glad that Max liked his book :)

    I LOVE Amanda's card! That really is beautiful and is certainly frame worthy! It is very calming. And Annie is just such an incredibly awesome girl :D I love her dress style!! It fits her perfectly too! We need to get that girl some shrimp boots, lol.

    And um..what is BookChase?? Sounds like a game I need! *off to search*

  6. Vivienne - I'm not a closet scrapbooker! When my kids were really young, I got into stamping and scrapbooking as a way to keep my sanity while they were screaming all the time, and it became like a drug to me. I couldn't think of anything else. I was totally obsessed. I neglected everything all the time to play with my stamps. I spent a lot of money on them, probably near $1000 altogether, and would make 20 - 50 cards a day. I was always designing, and I would even DREAM about it. I couldn't think about anything else. Even when I was doing other things, I was thinking about stamping. When the obsession broke (when Laurence was born), I sold everything I owned. 9 months later, I became a demonstrator and started everything up again. Same thing happened. In 2007 I sold everything I owned again and made over $800 off ebay to fund my trip to NYC. I know that if I ever go back to stamping, the same thing'll happen. It's too dangerous to me, and it makes it so I don't write, too.

    (sorry for hijacking your comments, Debi!)

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and thank you again for your wonderful presents! I have my pin right here on my bag, and am trying to decide what good task deserves recording in such a lovely sketchbook. The gumdrops I've so far resisted opening, since I know they'll be empty approx 43 mins later...

  8. I love Max's hat!! What a great list of good stuff...you've got a fantastic family!!

  9. I can see the smile! It's a wonderful feeling seeing those smiles on your children isn't it!

    Lucky you with the new snow. This weekend's rain took all of our snow away! I love snow. I just don't like driving in it.

    Annie looks stylin' to me!

    It sounds like you have lots of good stuff to share!

    take care,

  10. You've a great list of good stuff there, Debi! And I absolutely love Annie's dressing style!!! :)

  11. OK...conversation hearts are gross. Just had to get that out of the way!! But I do love Annie's shoes!! I so need me a pair! I love her style.

    Wow. Another January birthday. Seems there are a lot of us out there in the book blogging world. Us Capricorns have to stick together!!!

  12. omg! I love annies outfit! I love when someone "does their own thing!" with how they dress and act!! Big thumbs up to Annie!

    i love yours and chris' good stuff blogs!!! don't ever stop them!