Friday, January 8, 2010

good stuff...a babbling version

January 8th "Good Stuff"

*Finding out that the intersession class Rich is teaching doesn't meet on Fridays...I'd thought it was Mon.-Fri. Such a happy, happy surprise!!!!

*Silly me should have mentioned this before...Rich is not in the Bahamas right now. :) Okay, I honestly never begrudged him his January trips to the Bahamas. Really, I didn't. But on the other hand, I'm not going to complain that he turned down the opportunity to co-teach the marine biology class there this year. I like having him here with me. With us. And seriously, not just because I don't have to shovel the daily snow we've been getting. ;)

*And speaking of snow...I know I say it all the time, but oh how I love it! And we've really been in the typical lake effect pattern since the end of December, and this just makes me so very happy! We usually only get a couple of "big" snows (as in 18+ inches) per year, sometimes only one big snow a winter. But thanks to living so close to the Great Lakes, we do get snow most every day for a few month stretch. Not a lot of snow per day...generally one to four inches. Enough to keep things looking beautiful all the time because there's always fresh snow to cover the ugly brown stuff from the snow plows, but not enough to cause problems to people who are used to it. Yes, I do believe I am utterly spoiled. :D

*Songs that make me cry. Every single time I listen to them. Like Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens. Thank you, Ana!

*Documentaries. And the fact that I get to watch them for school so often. :) Yesterday, Annie and I watched World in the Balance: The People Paradox. (Actually a NOVA episode, I think.) So good. Also yesterday, we watched the third lecture of AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic, a four-part lecture series by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Yeah, see, despite my bitching about all the work that homeschooling is, it really is a pretty good gig, huh?

*An added bonus to watching movies for school...I get to crochet! Watching TV is usually the only time I have to crochet and knit. And I really have very little time for watching TV. So "having" to watch it for school...well, you can't beat that, can you? :D

*This guy. Officially Lucky. Though we tend to call him Luxray. Of all the non-human animals that share the house, this guy is definitely the life of the party! (If we were including humans, it would be a tough race between Luxray and Maxidoodle.) Lux is such a character. Playful as all get out, rascally as hell...and yet so damn affectionate. Yep, we're all so grateful that this fellow came to be part of our family. Even Aldo, though she'd never admit it. (And in the wee hours of each morning, when he's woken me yet again for some pampering, I'm loathe to admit it, too.)

Sheesh, it's still morning. This babbling might just make novel length if I don't just hit "publish." Not that having a mile-long list of good stuff is a bad thing, of course. :D


  1. Novel, short story, haiku. Your posts are charms, no matter what the length. Hope you and yours have a great weekend!

  2. You know what is REALLY good stuff? Haven't a huge long post of good stuff when it's only been half the day. :D

  3. I knew you'd love Casimir :) Oh man, I am so making you another mix! So many songs to share!!

    I want some snow too! All of Europe has been getting us but us :( It's been REALLY cold this week, but alas, not a cloud in the sky.

  4. Can I begrudge Rich his trips to the Bahamas every January??? I am so jealous, I would like to go just once to the Bahamas and he gets to go every year. I know he is teaching, but still. Nearest I get to the Bahamas, is Brighton Pier.

    We have had snow for the past four days and we never get snow. I can't drive in it, as I am danger on the roads without the aid of ice. So I am getting cabin fever now and desperation is setting in as all my library holds are still on their way to the library. Aaarghh!

  5. If I haven't told you lately, I love the new blog. And it is so nice to be here where I belong rather than way down south.
    Luxray has a pretty enviable life...many days I wish I was him.

  6. I'm with Ana!! I want snow too!! It's finally cold enough to snow down here, but now a cloud in the sky :( I wish you'd just keep babbling Debi :p Your good things posts can never be long enough for me!! I'm glad you have Rich at home with you to cuddle up with this year during all of the snow!! And the cat of course...he does seem to have quite the enviable life ;) And I really need to come visit so I can get in on some of that snow action and so that you can TEACH me how to crochet!!

  7. You have the best husband Debi!!! I just read his comment!! We have a snow day today....there are times where I love the snow and today is one of them!! You should do a vlog so that Chris and I could learn how to crochet!!

  8. I was watching the weather the other day listening to all the lake effect snow places were getting. We had snow for Christmas this year. It was the first time since 1998 (when Tim was born :) )

    I do most of my knitting in front of the TV. It's quite relaxing!

    take care,

  9. I've never heard Mr. Stevens, but can TOTALLY go with the sentiment :).

  10. lol i do all my crocheting in front of the tv reading too come to think of it. That must be the "enjoy" seat of the home!

  11. Lots of good stuff is a great thing. :)