Saturday, January 9, 2010

and yet more of the good stuff

January 9th "Good Stuff"

*The awesome project that Gray's class has come up with and has been working hard on all year to get ready to introduce to the whole school. They call it "Walk for Kenya." All the kids in the school will be wearing pedometers for one week. They made all kinds of designated courses and whatnot throughout the school. Anyway, they are trying to have all the kids' steps add up to walking from their school to the town of Maseno, Kenya. They are getting people to sponsor them so they can pay to have a classroom built in Maseno (they are working with an organization called Building Futures). Anyway, their big kick off assembly is this coming Tuesday. Gray is very nervous because his class has to sing and dance in front of the whole school...but on the other hand, it's quite obvious how very proud he is of how they're doing something to make a difference. :D

*My lovely friend Kara guilting me into motivating me to get back to my diet blog. Well, it's not exactly a diet blog, but sort of...and I don't know what else to call it. And I honestly can't believe I put a link there so everyone can see in numbers just how fat I am. Anyway, I'm glad to be thinking about it again. Changes need to be made.

*Okay, I am probably the only one who finds this so funny, but when I went to make a comment on Kara's most recent post on her "diet blog" the damn let's-try-to-cut-down-on-spam-by-typing-in-random-letter-codes thingie was "waffles"!!! I kid you that not just an evil thing to do to people trying to lose weight?!!

*Helping Rich come up with his own 50 x 50 list. Of course, he has a few more years to finish his list than I do.

Okay, I'm back and there are probably other things that I could add to this list, but I just sort of emotionally drained I just want to add this one last thing and call this a post.

*Wonderful friends who listen to my emotional dumpings. And who still love me anyway. (Well, I hope they will anyway.) Thank you Amanda and Ana...really, thank you so much.


  1. I most certainly do still love you to pieces Debi. More so. I'm so glad to have found you and Ana and Chris and Trish and Lu and oh I could keep going! You guys are all so wonderful. It's been so long since I had friends like you guys and I just love you so much. Hugs.

    ps - "Waffles" cracks me up.

  2. You and Rich really don't have to have 50 in each of the 50 items on the list, you know. It's much easier the way I did it. Speaking of which, I plan to finish my list before my birthday July 1. I may even have figured out how to accomplish the "go horseback riding" item in truly memorable fashion. I'm also starting to think about my 60 list. *Hums and smiles*

  3. Your son's project sounds pretty darn awesome...keep us posted on it!! Waffles- how evil is that!!!! LOL!!!

  4. I don't get dumped on, but I love you, too! I wish we talked more, actually. We should make that a 2010 goal. :)

  5. Awesome friends made my list today too :D I just couldn't ask for better friends in my life than the ones I have right now. And the ones that I know I'll have forever! I love Gray's class project!!!! That is so awesome!! He must be so proud :) And I'm loving y'alls 50x50 lists! I totally need to make one of my own. I think it would be great to have one of those.

  6. lmao, waffles! That IS evil!

    That school project sounds SO amazing! And Gray will do just fine :D

    And Debi, of course I still love you *hugs*

  7. Amanda,
    Thank you, sweetie...and yep, I know just what you mean...ahh, such incredible friends!

    What can I say...we're overachievers. (Sorry, hope I didn't just hurt you as you fell out of your chair laughing!)
    But I'm dying to hear this plan about the horseback riding. Are you going to do it naked or something?!! Well, that would be memorable, right?

    I definitely will keep updating. Their class announces the project to the school this coming I expect the excitement level about it all will only keep rising. :D

    Aww, and I love you, too! And I very much like that goal!

    You know, sometimes it just boggles my mind how we all found each other. Know what I mean? It's seriously something I could put on my list every single day! :D
    Isn't their project cool? It seriously makes me teary-eyed thinking about how this bunch of kids will be helping another bunch of wonderful kids across the globe.
    You've got a loooooooong way to go before you reach 50! You should make a 32x32 list or something. ;)

    I know...isn't that horrible?!! I don't think I've EVER gotten a "real" word before then either.
    Isn't that project just so awesome?!! I've loved Gray's teacher since I first met her...and I swear she just keeps making me love her more and more!
    Oh, and she called us on Friday...she was very excited and she wanted to share the news with us. Gray actually advocated for himself! See, they were wearing their pedometers as a practice run...and this one kid who picks on Gray a lot went and clicked Gray's pedometer down to zero. After lunch, Gray went and told his teacher what had happened. I know, this sounds like nothing, but for Gray, it's amazing...he always lets people walk all over him and never stands up for himself. So YAY GRAY!!!
    And thank you...I guessed you'd still love me...but I sure love hearing it. :D

  8. The Walk For Kenya project sounds fantastic.
    He will do fine with his singing and dancing. Get him to imagine everyone in their underwear.

  9. What a wonderful project Gray's school is doing. I love that idea!! Our school is supposed to be doing something for the Make a Wish Foundation, but I still don't know what the plan is.

    Good luck with the diet blog. It is always a battle. I speak from experience!!!

    take care,

  10. Go Gray! What a wonderful project - you better let me know how to sponsor him! And how great that he stood up for himself!

    Waffles...that is too funny! We just can't escape food, can we!?!?!