Monday, January 11, 2010


 I was so busy complaining, that I forgot to post what was wonderful about yesterday.

January 10th "Good Stuff"

*Winter walks in the woods. Especially with this guy.

*The way Annie loves her new shoes (new for Christmas, that is). Though, Chris, we may need to come visit again soon...she's still pestering us for shrimp boots. :D

*Taking photos. No, I'm not a good photographer. Not that I wouldn't love to be, but that's really not the point. The simple fact is that I just love doing it!


  1. And don't forget your good stuff for today--that you have a place in which you can rant and complain as you did in today's first post. Far better that you do it here than to your family. As for Gray's not wanting to get up in front of everyone, I'm betting he survived or will survive it. I would also bet that in the long run, it's better for him to do that from time to time and learn that it doesn't kill him, than it would be for him never to have to do it, which might be the case were he home-schooled. If, though, it ever is clear that Gray and/or Max would be better served by homeschooling, as is that case with Annie, I'm betting you and Rich will make choice in a hearbeat. :-)

  2. I LOVE Annie's new sneakers! They are amazing and I want some too, lol. And I always love your photography, Debi. I really do :)

  3. I love Annie's sneakers. They are fabulous,especially with the socks.

  4. I don't care what you say - those photographs are far better than I ever could take, and those bottom two look professional! They're gorgeous. As are Annie's shoes. i always wanted shoes like that growing up, but my mom always said no...

  5. lol love the sneakers! hahaha.. don'tcha just love "teen clothing fads?"! .. i am so glad when I was a teen the thing was "slob"... (looks in mirror) hmmmm, some things never change! lol lol...

    awww a walk in the snow with your hunny-bunny!

  6. Pictures are worth a thousand words!! Love all of them!!

  7. Those are some fancy sneakers. :) Do you remember when we used to call sneakers tennis shoes. I've said that to the kids in my classes and they just look at me funny. The same with dungarees LOL!

    You have wonderful pictures. I enjoy looking at them. It gives me a glimpse into your life :)

    take care,

  8. Your pics are great, Debi! And I LOVE Annie's new shoes!

  9. So I'm totally NOT trying to kiss your ass, but Debi, you're an AMAZING photographer! Seriously I always love your photos. Especially your nature photos. I think you have such a wonderful eye and you take such beautiful photos.

    And I love Annie's new shoes :D She totally needs a pair of shrimp boots!!! And you totally need to come down here and get them for her! And maybe they'll still have that dress at the French Market that she really wanted ;)

    And hooray for walks in the woods with that guy ;)

  10. Ok, since everybody else already took the shoes, I'll just say I LOVE the HAT! Stocking caps kick butt, because even if guys are supposed to dress in all these sober, strictly regimented clothes, you can go all out crazy on a stocking cap. It's a stocking cap! I'm not supposed to look stylish (whatever that means) I'm just keeping my head warm! So you get to surreptitiously say 'but you know what? IF you all let me, THIS is waht color my PANTS would be...'

  11. Those are quite the shoes! I have not seen any quite like them, but I tend to live under a rock when it comes to fashion. lol

    I love winter walks, too!