Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a dream...or a scheme...

I had quite the silly dream last night. Aren't silly dreams just plain fun? Anyway, we have this tiny room in the corner of our basement. It's supposed to be my craft room, but in actuality it is more of a "pile shit that you don't know where else to put it" sort of room. The room has this built in work surface across the one wall. In my dream, I built myself a little hideaway under this work surface. Then I gathered up a huge pile of books and some food and stashed them in there. And I wrote a note to my family saying that aliens were abducting me, but they promised to return me in one month. What I planned to do about going to the bathroom or showering or anything like that, I've no know, that's the way with dreams. But I have to admit I found this whole thing amusing...and not a wholly bad idea. ;)

I'm sure this dream arose out of my frustration at not finishing any of the staggering pile of books I have started:

--have read 81 of 326 pages in The Subtle Knife
--have read 101 of 354 pages in 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa
--have read 126 of 319 pages in Yes Means Yes!
--have read 68 of 209 pages in Monkeyluv
--have read 87 of 214 pages in The Catcher in the Rye
--have read 188 of 573 pages in The Century
--have read 17 of 78 pages in Atlas (as this is poetry, I tend to read the same pages over and over before moving on)
--have read 52 of 272 pages in The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye
--have read 186 of 207 pages in Kaspar Prince of Cats
--and I have two additional books that I need to start for school before next week (The Body Book at 265 pages and Eating Animals at 267 pages) plus my book for our family book club (Seekers: The Quest Begins at 292 pages) which was supposed to be read three days ago and I haven't even started

Am I pathetic or what?!! I seem to completely lack the ability to get my act together. Hmmm...wonder if Rich and the kids would actually buy the alien abduction thing...


  1. I love dreams. :D I got so much of a kick out of this.

  2. You're not pathetic but you are starting to resemble George Constanza from Seinfeld. Remember when he built a little hideaway under his desk!!???

  3. There was me worried about having six books on the go! I start to get panicky when it goes over three books. So I am trying to settle on one and finish that.

    I would love to have the opportunity to sit and read for a whole month. One day.

  4. That's a great dream! LOL! I'm trying to be a good girl and read only one book (two at most!) at a time because I found that as much as I was eager to start another, I'd just end up enjoying none!

    Now, is it sad that my house has something like three of those "pile shit you don't know what to do with" rooms? One of which is my bedroom? Oh dear.

  5. gosh, I think you just topped Chris with how many books you have going! But I know some are not by choice..but..but.. I don't know how you do it! (you could add that you began Kesterwood too! hey hooray, yet another book (?) started! LOL LOL .. just tormenting you Debi lol..) The most my mind can grasp is two book (which I have never tried myself) many times it's too confusing to remember what's going on in one book let alone 2 or 2 !!
    oh and about the room of shit... ummm my whole apartment is that! heh..

  6. As someone who can, at most, have one fiction and one nonfiction book going at a time, might I suggest finishing two for every one you start? I'm scatterbrained enough without having that many story- or info-lines going in my head at the same time.

  7. I wouldn't mind that dream, either!

    By the sounds of it you just have a bit too many books on the go... Good luck finishing some of them!

  8. Ahem....*adds post to bookmarks to make self feel better when he next feels like he has too many books going at once* ;)

    Sounds like we both suffer from the same sickness Debi! There are always way too many books that look so good that you just have to start right away! Plus, you have that whole home school thing going too :/

    I absolutely love your dream :D I don't think it takes too much interpretation to figure out what you're hoping for by having that dream :p

  9. Eeeeeeee! What a fun dream! <3

    (And Kaspar is adorable! I hope you'll enjoy it! ^-^)