Thursday, February 4, 2010

thus far today I have...

*cursed the alarm clock for simply doing its job

*sighed inwardly at the grumpiness of two little boys not wanting to be rousted from their beds

*secretly smiled at the way Gray's curls are coming back as his hair grows longer

*found myself unable to stop the tears thinking about the heartbreaking loss a dear friend has suffered

*wept more tears upon reading the words of another dear friend...and found myself reminded of how differently a person can view herself from the way I view her

*counted the days until I get to see yet another dear friend...192, if I counted correctly

*fought nearly to the death with the USPS website trying to fill out and print a customs form

*completed the lecturing/discussing/assigning portion of Annie's school day

*drank too much coffee

*read several pages about the late 1930s

*washed and hung two loads of laundry (and scolded myself for letting it pile up so much)

*laughed aloud at silly kitty antics

*appreciated, though not nearly enough, how very lucky I am


  1. Sounds like a full day! I am doing laundry, too. I think I am going to take some of it to the laundromat because it is all greasy...

  2. For the second part of the day, I forgot to add: 'Email Kelly back'

  3. Laundry...I knew there was something I ought to be doing today...

    It sounds like you've been on a bit of a rollercoaster.

  4. But I think you do appreciate how lucky you are!!!

  5. trying hard to remember back when my kids were your kids ages.. hmmm seems to me there were 2 loads of wash everyday !!!

    it sooooooo helps to have something that makes you feel good to look forward to and I know seeing Chris in august will be a blast!

  6. Kelly,
    Hey, and I actually did that...the "e-mail Kelly back" thing, that is. :)

    Life is pretty much a rollercoaster, isn't it? :)

    I try...but I know I sometimes fail miserably.

    Yeah, two loads a day is pretty much the norm here, too. And since I really only have room to hang about two loads in the basement at a time, skipping a day gets me backlogged. Hence the scolding I gave myself, because I now have a logjam for having skipped it yesterday.
    And you are so's amazing how wonderful it feels to have something so incredible to look forward to! The kids and I are going to make a countdown calendar one of these days to help us keep track. :D

  7. Sounds like you accomplished a lot today. I know for sure you made a friend feel better :)

    BTW, LOVE your dream from your post yesterday. Especially the abducted by aliens part - too funny!

  8. Phew! And it was only 1:42 when you posted this! Ooh Ooh Ooh! I need to go get my countdown widget :D You can never drink too much coffee Debi...never! Ok, well maybe you can :/ *hugs*

  9. Why did our parents never let on how hectic life would be, once we had our own family. Sigh!

    My day always consists of about 30 things I need to do.