Monday, February 8, 2010

good stuff...the Super Bowl edition

February 7th "Good Stuff"

Well, duh...the Super Bowl!!!!

For many reasons:

*Best reason of all--this guy!

(Another of my favorite photos from last summer.)

I could not possibly be any happier for you, Chris!!! I really couldn't.
Seriously, I'm not sure there's anything that can make you happier than joy experienced by those you love! Savor the feeling, deserve it! #luvchris

*New Orleans. Yeah, what an awesome city. What a bunch of strong folks. Congratulations, NOLA!

*The Colts lost!!! Sorry Colts fans, but what can I say...I just don't like them.

*This image:

How can you not get all teary looking at all that sweetness, huh?

*The game was really a good wasn't totally lopsided, it wasn't just a huge defensive struggle, it was just plain fun and exciting!!!

I didn't get to watch much football this season, probably only half a dozen games. Life just gets in the way. But Rich and I still talk so fondly of those pre-kid days when we lived for Sundays during football season. Our routine was always the same...we'd go out for brunch, and then come home and drag our mattress out to the living room and watch football all day long. It was heavenly. Maybe someday life will cease to be so hectic and we can adopt that routine again. ;)

*And one final, silly little note. All the confetti flying at the end of the got Lucky all riled up...he went running up to the TV to try to catch the flying bits. Goofy cat. Made us laugh.


  1. Seeing that second picture on the screen (on my own tv, I mean) was so sweet. I loved it. We're not really football people here, but that was so much fun last night. I'm so happy for the Saints.

  2. Glad you guys got to watch the game :). The picture of the QB with his baby WAS very sweet... that and teh shot when the coach started fist-pumping that big ol' trophy, and the reporter had to jump out of his way so as not to get smacked in the head :D

  3. It was a really great game, particularly in the second half. Despite the fact that I really like Peyton Manning I was pulling for the Saints. I wanted to see the team that hadn't been to the big game actually win it, and I'm glad they did.

    Commercials weren't as fun as I'd hoped they would be this year. I think they need to limit how many Go Daddy and Bud Light spots are sold!

    Glad you all had fun, the cat too!!!

  4. I am so happy that they won! I don't pay any attention to football, but I think it was a fitting win for New Orleans... :)

  5. Oh Debi, you just made my night with this post!!! So freaking fantastic!!! I still can't believe that we actually won, lol. I don't know if anyone down here believes it yet. I wish you all were down here to celebrate. You would totally love the atmosphere!! Seeing Drew with his little boy was so damn sweet. So sweet. As is the memory you shared of you and Rich pulling out the mattress to watch football on a Sunday :) Y'all should start the tradition again next season with the whole family! And finally, Lucky cracks me up!!!! LOL

  6. yup, chris is right.. get that mattress back out while you can! if you want for the kids to be grown and gone you no longer have the strength to do that! lol.. and besides then ya'll can have great pillow fights with the kids!

  7. It was a fun game, wasn't it?

    And I had memories of being with y'all watching the Super Bowl and rating the ads!

    We used to (pre-kids)pull all of the covers off of our bed and take them into the living room on Suday afternoons and watch NASCAR. The sound of the engines would lull us right to sleep. Ahhhh...the good old days! :)

    I am so excited for all fo you that Chris got his tickets! Can't wait to see pics and hear reports of his visit!