Monday, February 8, 2010

six thumbs up

(None of could stick with just one thumb on this one!)

Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo.

*Our favorite characters:

Max: Kaspar. He's a cat. He survived the sinking Titanic.

Gray: Kaspar, because he's an adventurous cat. And he really is the prince of cats.

Mom: Johnny Trott. What an awesome kid! He had such a tough life, but he just sucked it up and did what he needed to do to survive. And on top of that, he had such an amazingly kind heart.

*Our favorite events:

Gray: The most exciting part of the book was when the iceberg hit the Titanic. Everyone was in danger. Everyone was really brave even though it was a scary time. I also liked the part when Johnny Trott climbed up the roof to save Lizziebeth, and he had no ropes or ladders or anything.

Max: My favorite part was when Johnny Trott and Lizziebeth were climbing up the hotel. Lizziebeth was trying to save a pigeon, and Johnny Trott was trying to save Lizziebeth. My second favorite was when the Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg.

Mom: My favorite part was seeing Skullface get the ax. There's just something so satisfying watching karma in action. ;) Okay, maybe that's a silly thing to pick as my favorite, but this book was so darn good, it's just hard to pick.

*Our least favorite character:

All: Skullface!

Gray: She was a grumpy, really mean lady who hated pets. Even Kaspar!

*Overall feelings:

Gray: It was a really great book! I would enjoy reading other books by this author.

Max: It's one of my favorite books ever! Thanks Chris, for getting me this book for Christmas! I want to buy you a book that's this good.

Mom: I adored this book...I really did. It is such a little treasure. It's sweet, without being sappy. And there are certainly moments of real sadness. And moments of suspense. Characters you couldn't help fall in love with. Tender friendships. Really, I just loved it. And I especially loved reading it with my two favorite little boys.


  1. This review made me smile!! I love that you three read this one together and had such a good time sharing your thoughts!!

  2. Oh wow! Now I need to go buy myself this book :p Shanra's going to get double points for this one, lol. So glad that the boys enjoyed it so much and that you did too! If Gray wants to read more by the author, I think he's written quite a few books! And I think that a lot of them are focused on animals :)

  3. Chris is right, Morpurgo has written quite a few books. So there's plenty of choice. I've only read a few of the books myself, but I'd like to pass on a recommendation for "The Butterfly Lion" all the same. That was my introduction to Morpurgo's work and I do prefer it. It's about the friendship between a boy and a lion. Such a delicate, beautiful little book... Not all of Morpurgo's books are about animals, but Chris is right that a fair few of them seem to have that focus. ^-^

    I'm so glad you've all enjoyed this! I've been so, so curious what your reactions would be ever since Chris told me he bought it for Max solely because I made it sound so good. *squee* This review/post just made my day, Debi. XD (And I love that Max and Gray gave their comments too.)