Thursday, March 25, 2010

I smiled when...

...Rich called me with the news that he got his promotion to Associate Professor. What this means in practical terms? Well, besides a really good excuse to go out to dinner Saturday night, not a whole heck of a lot. Nonetheless, I am very happy for him! dear friend Chris sent me an e-mail that offered great hope and reassurance about matters that have been troubling our family. Thank you. Yet again.

...this week's New Yorker arrived and I saw its beautiful cover. (I so wish I could have found a bigger picture to link to, or been able to get a decent photo of the magazine.) But can't you just tell how gorgeous it is? It's titled "Homage" and is by the unbelievably talented artist, Ana Juan. mom could not hide the excitement in her voice about their upcoming trip. My parents leave Friday morning for a month-long road trip "out West" (in their truck camper). Hitting the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Bryce Canyon, etc., etc., etc. I would have smiled even more broadly had they invited me along. ;)

...Ana posted this Ada Lovelace Day post. Okay, I more than smiled--I got downright giddy about all that lovely women-in-science bookishness. In fact, before I even commented and thanked my dear friend Ana, I went and ordered one of those books. :P daughter uttered these words totally out of nowhere on the way home from the dentist: "I love you, Mom. I think I forgot to tell you that yesterday."


  1. That last one in particular warms my heart.

  2. That was very sweet of Annie!

  3. Congrats to Rich on the promotion! I would hope that somewhere down the line it might mean a bit more money, but in the meantime, do go out for dinner and celebrate. Sounds as though there are lots of smile-worthy things going on this week. I hope they make up for what sounds like some less-than-smile-worthy stuff also going on. Hugs!!!

  4. Yay for Rich. Well done. Yay for your mum, I am so envious, your parents obviously have a lot more get up and go than mine do. I wish they would do more with their retirement.
    Yay Chris - isn't he a lovely guy. Yay Annie - she knows how to melt a mother's heart,you are very lucky. Yay Ana - for being such a wonderful person.

  5. Amanda,
    Yeah, it *definitely* melted my heart too.

    She sure can be a sweetheart, can't she? :) I can't believe I forgot to tell you about it...hmmm...maybe because we didn't see each other but for about 15 minutes yesterday. :(

    Yeah, once he's been there for fifteen years, he can actually earn the salary of an associate professor. And actually, he will now earn a little more for his overload and summer teaching. But mostly it's just a title. And well, Rich simply couldn't care less about titles. But like you said, we're going to go celebrate anyway.

    And YAY for Vivienne - who always always always knows how to brighten my day!

  6. Congrats to Rich on the promotion, Debi! Definitely a great smiley post! :D

  7. Awww @ Annie :D And congratulations, Rich!

  8. Annie is a treasure for sure!!! Congrats Rich!!!

  9. LOTS here to celebrate. Want to dance a few celebratory jigs with me around the room? This post is dance-worthy.

  10. ..congratulations to Rich!!!
    ..the world needs more daughters like Annie. I wish I was going with your mom!!! I dream of time spent at the grand canyon!!! *sigh*..

  11. I didn't even know Mr Rich taught college - I knew he taught, but thought it was high school. I think I need to up my dosage on 'bad friend' pills :D. But congratulations anyway!

    That picture is beautiful! Here's a TEENY bit bigger version: and here is one you can zoom in on:

    I love a different cover she did a few years ago: We used to get The New Yorker, and I was just too lazy to find time to read it. I miss the covers :).

    And, Ms Annie is definitely sweet. Like her mom :).

  12. Good news and happy feelings all around your house! Congrats to Rich and congrats to you (and Rich, of course!) for raising wonderful kids!

  13. Congrats to Rich! That's so sweet of Annie. :)

  14. Congrats to Rich!!

    And this: "I love you, Mom. I think I forgot to tell you that yesterday." How wonderful is that? Think I'll go call my mom and tell her the same.