Thursday, April 1, 2010

without even trying, they make me laugh...

Rich: Gray, could you please come back here and finish your milk?

Debi: Gray, could you please put your folder in your backpack so you don't forget it?

Rich: Gray, could you please clean up your markers?

Gray (with both sarcasm and a hint of a smile): Gray, could you please save the rainforests? Gray, could you please solve the problem of global warming?

A couple nights ago, Rich and I headed out to buy goodies for the Easter baskets. Hmmm...somehow we ended up at the bookstore, with a pile of books to look at as we sat in the cafe having coffee. While sitting there, Rich's cell phone rang. We knew it had to be Annie, who was home babysitting the boys, because no one else ever calls Rich on his cell phone. But it actually turned out to be Gray. Gray, who despises the phone. Gray who, on the rare occasion that he will even attempt to talk on the phone, speaks in a tiny little whisper. And you know how when you're talking to someone who talks really softly on the phone, you sometimes repeat back everything they're saying, making sure you heard them right? Well, that's what Rich was doing. So this is what I, and undoubtedly all the people at the tables surrounding us, heard Rich say:

"Gray?...What?...He did what?...He's trying to make babies with your blanket?...He put his private parts way down deep in it?"

Okay, I know how tacky this sounds, but I have to tell you, I was laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. Somehow, I'm guessing we weren't missed when we left the cafe. ;)

After swimming lessons last night, the kiddos wanted popsicles. As we were sitting there at the table, I noticed Gray's tongue had been dyed the color of his shirt. Turned to Annie, and so had hers. Max--ditto.

Of course, along with making me laugh, it also reminded me just how much I need to get back to making our own, healthier versions of popsicles. ;)

Before I go, I wanted to say a big thank you to my dear friend, Carl. I'm not sure if he had any idea how much I needed his recent post...but I surely did. I have to admit that for the last month I've been going through a period of severe "feel-sorry-for-myself." Spending waaaay too much time and energy on school in a desperate attempt to get caught up (which is only my self-imposed version anyway) before the quarter ends in two weeks, watching the house fall further into disarray as I do, wondering when on earth I'm ever going to get around to doing our taxes, dealing with lots of Gray's unique needs these days, Easter and Annie's birthday both on the verge of arriving, too much stress and drama in my social world...all of that has added up to the ridiculous state I've let myself wallow in lately. :(

I NEED TO SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! I seem to have forgotten what a gift it is to be alive every day. And I've let what had become a habit--noticing all the good stuff, all the beauty and wonder and silliness that makes life so precious--slip away. Well, I'm reclaiming that habit, and the joy that comes with it.

I still might not be around much for the next couple weeks--just busy, busy, busy--but I hope when I am around it will be with a smile on my face. :D

Have a beautiful, glorious April everyone!!!


  1. I'm glad I didn't see an "April Fools" at the end of your post. I hope you get through Easter and Annie's birthday (a parcel for which I hope to mail this weekend or Monday) with a huge smile on your face, get the quarterly report knocked off perhaps with a wry smile on your face, and enjoy a book or three perhaps with a satisfied smirk on your face. And don't forget the popsicles; especially don't forget to make one or two for you and Rich to savor and share. Happy April!

  2. I am so glad I saved this post for last. I needed those laughs. I want to know what Gray was talking about on the phone!! :D And that picture! Precious! The boys look so much older than the last picture I saw them in. I love their hair. :D

    Love you Debi!!

  3. Do you have a garden shed? If so, can I come live in it? I just love your family so much it's not even funny :D

    Speaking of the gift to be alive: I'm reading Mary Oliver! Thank you thank you thank you <3

  4. LOL your kids are great! See what happens when you become an old fart?! You don't get those moments with young kids anymore! I really hope you are saving all these tidbits the kids say because first off they would make a great book... and second your grandkids will love reading how their mom or pop was when they were the same age!!!
    Tooooo funny Debi! I needed the laugh!

  5. OK, I will only say this once, but your kids' bangs make me grin every time I see them :D. You have movie kids - like the ones that aren't actually kids, 'cause they're too perfect, and were almost certainly cast for the role :D.

    And, I'm glad someone could help you feel better. You've sounded unhappy lightly, and I'm glad you're realizing what a good job you're diong :)

  6. What a character that Gray is! And I think it is reasonable to expect him to save the rainforests in his spare time! :)

    I assume it was one of the four legged family members making blanket babies- otherwise that might be more info than Gray wanted to know about his brothers behavior!

    Hang in there - it is not always easy or necessary to remember that each day is to be celebrated when you are in the middle of multiple storms. You are a strong, intelligent and capable woman and you will get through it all - don't beat yourself up for what you may perceive as not getting through it all perfectly. And if you need an extra ear to bend, I have two!

  7. *huuuuuuuugles*

    You and your family are too precious, Debi. *snugs* I hope things start to look up for you on the busy-front and the feeling-blue front. You're such a lovely person and, even though my ability to comment seems to suck right now, your posts always bring a smile to my face and brighten up my day. ^-^ Please don't go beating yourself up, though. *huggles*

    (Also, I feel Gray's phone hate. Nasty things.)

  8. Jean,
    Thank you! And I hope you all have a wonderful April as well! :D


    We do have a basement. *pretty please* But if you prefer, I'll gladly have a garden shed built just for you! :D

    Are you sure I don't qualify for "old fart" status now? ;)

    You know, that's so funny you said that...because I always think *your* kids are so stinkin' cute that they look like they ought to be in movies!!! Kid. You. Not.
    Mine look like little ragamuffins...but what can I say, I think they're adorable anyway. (Parents are like that, you know. ;) )

  9. Kara,
    It really isn't too much to ask, is it? ;) And yes--it was Baker. Thank heavens!!!

    Thank you, sweetie! And yes--they are nasty things indeed!

  10. Oh Debi I've missed you. I think about you often and this allusive juggling act (though not you and the juggling always together...sometimes just think about you period).

    Life's tough. I have this horrible bad habit of letting all of the "shoulds" run my life and I'm freaking tired of it. I'll never have everything balanced and perfectly juggled because it's impossible. Instead of doing all my "shoulds" tonight I'm taking the night for myself and just blogging--just catching up with friends and maybe even picking up a book to steal away a few pages. I'm so happy for this post and to see the things that made you laugh (and made me laugh, too). Those tongues are hilarious--but what the heck is in those popsicles?? Ha!

    Hugs. And Love. Hope you're having a good week.