Friday, April 2, 2010

a day of good stuff, alphabetically...

The first day of April 2010:

*April (it's a new month...I just love new beginnings)

*art, in all its myriad forms
artist: Gray Stevens
medium: mud on siding)

*e-mails with cottages and crafting and lots of love

*freshly brushed teeth

*giggling (both in the doing, and in the witnessing)

*gin and tonic, ice cold

*hanging clothes *in the sunshine* (yes, the *in the sunshine* is key here--I gave up using our dryer altogether several months ago, so I hang clothes nearly every day, but this is the first day of 2010 when I've had the pleasure of hanging them outside in the beautiful spring air as opposed to hanging them in basement)

*listening to the Gray hum away as he sits drawing (do all kids hum? 'cause goodness knows all three of these guys do--though it's something they really only do when they're absorbed in some other activity off by themselves)

*Seth Aaron didn't get sent home on Project Runway


  1. So...growing up, we never used the dryer at all. We always had to hang the wash on the line outside, hot or cold. If it was raining, we had to hang them on chairs and little laundry hangers indoors, and they took days to dry. The clothes would always come in from the sun stiff and uncomfortable, and sometimes with a hidden grasshopper in the pantlegs. Needless to say I absolutely abhor the idea of hanging clothes outside and will kindly stick with my dryer as long as it's humanly possible now that I no longer live with my mom. I haven't hung laundry up to dry since I was 18 and I never plan to do it again! :D (I'm glad you enjoy it, though!)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful April 1, Debi! I hope today is just as good if not better. TGIF!

  3. oh how I miss hanging clothes outside! but mostly sheets!! we aren't allowed to here in the old folks home. i always loved the smell when you bring them back in!

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  7. Amanda - I think that's a Texas thing. We grew up doing half and half, and I always thought the clothes ont he line smelled so nice, and never found bugs in them. I think it's another example of how Texas Nature hates Humans.

    Ms Debi - What do you mean 'all kids'? I hum and la-ti-dum and sing snatches under my breath all the time. :D

  8. Eek! I'm so sorry I spammed you, Debi! Blogger was acting up earlier and it ate a long comment I had written. I tried again with a short one and was obviously a little *too* successful :P

  9. So loving the artwork!!! I love Seth Aaron...I think SA, and Emilio are going to Bryant Park for sure!!! Marcus sings all of the time...regardless of what he's doing. Once when he was 4 I took him into the women's restroom while he went potty. While he was in there he started singing, "You Are My Sunshine." I was cracking up and then a lady who was in the stall next to him joined in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!! I miss those days!!!

  10. The mud art looks cool, I see monsters in it. Fun, scary monsters. But perhaps that is just me.

    Here's a fun 'good stuff' magical link for you:

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  12. Amanda,
    I'm afraid it would be disingenuous of me to claim I *enjoy* hanging laundry. ;) Hey, but at least I don't despise it like I do dusting! I just do it because it's better for the environment. (And it's saved us *a lot* of money on our electric bill, too!)

    It truly was. :D

    Oh, I know what you mean...that fresh from the outdoors scent just can't be beat, can it?

    I'm glad you got some sunshine for Easter! And I hope there's plenty more where that came from!

    Well, I think you qualify as "kid," don't you? Isn't much of "kid" is just a state of mind? I hope so...I want to be a kid all my life. Hmmm...but I don't hum, so maybe I'm automatically disqualified. :(

    I didn't know you watched Project Runway!!!! I absolutely love Seth Aaron! Both his clothes, and him as a person. He seems like the most down-to-earth person of them all. And I love that he's not nearly so full of himself as most of the others seem to be.
    And LOL...that had to be soooooo incredibly funny! What did Marcus think when someone joined him singing?

    Ooooooh, thank you for the link! I went over there, but haven't really had much time to look around yet. I can already tell what a fun place it is though...thank you!!!

  13. Ms Debi -

    Bosh. That's the wonder of being a kid - all those little 'must-be-this-and-must-be-that's haven't had chance to take hold, yet :).