Sunday, April 4, 2010


My baby girl is growing up. *sigh*

Actually, I'm not sighing all that much...because in reality, as much as I miss the itty bitty newborn, the precocious little toddler, the adorable little grade schooler...I totally love the on-the-brink-of-teenhood young lady that she is now.

(Though it does boggle my mind that in less than a week I will be the mother of a teenager!)

Anyway, Miss Annie is leaving the nest. The blogging nest, that is. She's made her own blogging account, and can now be found at Canvas of a Billion Suns.

Love you, Annie! Have fun in your new digs.

I've no earthly idea what we've done to deserve the unbelievably gorgeous weather we've been enjoying the past few days! Seriously, we don't usually see weather like we've had the past couple days until mid-June! The daffodils even started blooming yesterday. :) I know it won't last, but I'm so incredibly grateful to have it now.

Oh my...poor Baker.

He's been wearing this pouty face ever since the kids found their Easter baskets. Yes, because he didn't get one. Every year we try explaining to him that beagles haven't traditionally been terribly kind to the rabbits of the world. But he just doesn't seem to grasp the connection between his behavior (i.e., barking like a madman chasing the bunnies out of our yard) and the Easter bunny's behavior (i.e., not hiding a basket full of goodies for him).

I really need to do a blame post one of these days. My "latest acquisitions" pile is getting a tad unwieldy here, and I really need to put them away. But I can't do it now...I'm off to hide Easter eggs! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, whether you celebrate Easter or not!!!


  1. Baker rocks! He wears his righteous indignation so very well!

  2. Hurrah for ms Annie! Hurrah for Ms Debi for raising hernup to geekiness! :D

    And I'd watch yourself, the dog looks a touch murderous...

  3. Happy Easter, Debi!
    Gotta check out Annie's blog! :D

  4. Awwww...Annie getting her own blog is very bittersweet. But you better believe I'll be following her over there ;) I can't believe she's going to be 13!!! She was like 10 and reading Lord of the Rings when I "met" her :p One of my favorite pictures from our trip is the one of me and her in the quarter :)

    Speaking of "our trip" I can't wait to come visit you and enjoy some of that gorgeous weather!!! Save some for August!! And I'll get to meet Baker finally :D :D Yay!!! That picture made me laugh so hard, lol.

    And yes, I definitely want to see a blame post so I can see the loot :p

    Happy Easter Debi!

  5. a day late...nothing new for me! I hope you had a wonderful Easter Debi! I added Annie's new blog to my list!

  6. Becky,
    Thank you! And I hope yours was happy as well!

    Isn't he something?!! ;)

    Yeah, I guess he does look sort of evil if you don't know him...really he's just moping though.

    Thank you! Glad you all had a (mostly) fun one, too!

    Thank you! I hope your weekend was positively lovely!

    That pic of you and Annie is one of my all-time favorite photos in this whole world!!! :D But in just a few short months I hope to add lots more to my favorites pile! :D

    I'll second that! :D

    Anymore, if I'm a day late, I practically consider myself early. ;) And I hope you had a lovely Easter, too, Pat!