Friday, March 19, 2010


Because I just really need some smiles. :)

This guy's reading tends to be very sporadic. But he's been on a roll lately. And I just love "catching" him off by himself somewhere with his nose stuck in a book.

Cats with swords. Oh okay...cats with weapons maybe aren't the most soothing thought, but something about this photo just makes me smile anyway. From that look, I'm pretty sure he's prepared to use that sword. very own UglyDoll!!!!! I'm in love. Soft, squeezable, huggable love. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear, but your timing is impeccable! :D

And you know what else has me smiling? I think I'm really going to try to get back into this blogging thing again. Try. Starting Sunday...with the MOST FUN reading challenge of them all. :D

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. I love that little guy! Mine's the same except black/white and I've been sleeping with him every night since I got him. He's so perfect to hold by the ears or fingers! Perfect for hugging. :D

  2. I love to see your children reading. My two never pick up a book. I find it so frustrating as I am never without one.

    Mmmm, now I wonder what challenge might have come up this week. Could it be Once Upon a Time!!

  3. That picture of Lucky with the sword just completely cracked me up for some reason :D

  4. Though my challenge isn't the most fun of them all. I have started the It's The End of the World III challenge :)

  5. Tell Gray to watch out!! There's a panda in the background coming to attack!!

    hehehehe..I love that picture of Lucky :D That's the best ever! Though he looks bored :p

    And yay for ugly dolls!!!! And Amanda's right, they do indeed like to be carried around by the ears :p

  6. Ugly Doll is super cute!! Maybe I'll get one of those for my nephew!!!

  7. Amanda,
    I have to agree wholeheartedly--he is perfect for hugging! :D

    You must be psychic. ;)
    When it comes to my munchkins--they totally run the gamut. From Annie who would live in a book if she Gray who goes in complete phases of spending hours a day reading for a couple weeks before abandoning it for a couple Max who for the most part moans and groans about it.

    I'm so glad you said that because it just cracks me up too. I don't even know why. But I swear he's looking at me thinking, "Don't mess with me lady, or I will use the sword."

    Becky, know me too well! I love, love, love that way could I resist! Yep, I'll definitely be signing up.

    LOL...I'm pretty sure Gray could think of no better way to go than by panda attack. :)
    I'm not sure Lucky knows boredom...believe me when things get "too slow" for him, he makes himself some trouble to liven things up. ;)
    And YES--YAY FOR UGLYDOLL! I love him sooooooo much! Thank you again, sweet friend! He is just so goshdarn lovable. :D

    Oh, it would make the perfect gift for your nephew. My guys are so in love with mine that I think we're getting them each one for Easter. Better for their teeth than candy. :) But when you get your nephew one, get yourself one too...because I swear you won't want to give it away. :D

  8. Yay for cats with swords! This from the woman learning to wield two of them at the same time. Swords, not cats. No one in their right mind would wield cats.

  9. Aw, they all make me smile, too. I think I need an ugly doll. And to give my cat a sword. I love it when kids love books. My 11 year old (boy) cousin has turned into such a huge reader, and it makes me so happy! In an age when there's so much technology and distraction, it's so refreshing to see that books can still have a powerful pull, and that kids are still reading choice!

  10. awww, got to love reading photo's!! and a cat with a sword..ummm ok... didn't find any beheaded mice around did you?? heh..

  11. Love your smile-worthy post, Debi! :D

  12. I've been having a hard time keeping up with the blogging. I miss a day or two or twenty and I feel too guilty to start up again.

    I'm glad you found some things to smile about. That's always a good thing.

    take care,