Monday, March 15, 2010

on today's to-do list (an abbreviated version)

--the daily chores
--enough school planning stuff to make me want to cry
--make laundry soap
--make granola bars
--keep striving for that ever elusive balance

And because I'm nosy:  Tell me something that made you smile this weekend. :D


  1. I hate to be predictable...but the Flyers winning a hockey game with 2.01 seconds left. Hockey brings joy as well as pain.

  2. Watching The Motorcycle Diaries with my mom. :D And trying out a new recipe for eggplant that was magically delicious.

  3. What made me smile? Watching a not-so-good movie with husband and son and doing the Mystery Science Theater 3000 routine putting it down.

    You have MAKE laundry soap on your to-do list? I don't mean to step on toes here, but laundry soap goes on my shopping list. Never mind that I would not even know how to make it, it just seems simpler to buy it, and simplicity can help in the whole time balance thing.

    I'm just sayin'. :-)

  4. The time change! It feels so good to be back to normal hours. I no longer feel so tired!

  5. Spending Mothers Day with my mum and my kids yesterday. We had a lovely lunch out with my brother and his wife too. We don't do it enough.

    Getting to buy books for Mothers Day, always bound to get a big grin out of me.

    Spring actually stepping forward and taking that relay baton out of Winters greedy hands!

  6. I got a broadband hi-speed modem thingy that plugs into my laptop and now my pages zip right along..kissed dial-up goodbye!! I screamed, danced, laughed like a madman, and smiled for hours!!

  7. What made me smile this weekend?

    Seeing my grandmother and some of my cousins (and aunts).
    Having a good time with two of my other cousins (and their mum), even if the cinema did give me a headache that lasted two days. ^-~
    A good friend of mine who was on vacation halfway around the globe arrived safe and sound back home. (And had a good time.) And sent me, like, half a dozen cards when I asked for one if time permitted! (Must remember to return the favour when next I go some place.)

    I think that's me smiled out... ^-~ *huggles* Is good to hear from you, sweetie! I hope things're going well!

    Oh, and today, Amanda made me smile. A lot. ^-^ It's not the weekend, but it deserves to be mentioned anyway. <3

    *sends good thoughts to Debi and family*

  8. I wish there was a "mark all as read" button for work! Ha!

    Something that made me smile? Picking out and putting the finishing touches on this year's banner for Once Upon a Time!

  9. Go for a walk in the park during SPRING weather! yay!

  10. I can't always come up with something that made me smile but one happened just the other day while feeding the Moorhens and babies... The Ibis birds were being a PITA and nearly hopping on the babies after the bread.. I had to get closer to the waters edge than normal to get bread to them and one baby thought I was too close and made all sorts of noises and swam to Mommy! It cracked me up! Never heard the babies before!

  11. I have had the blog "blahs" lately, too. don't know what the deal is, but it happens whether I know why or not!

    I do know what is making me smile today, though! The sun finally peeking out from behind the clouds and the irises leaves poking through the ground!

  12. Homemade soap?? Let's see, what made me smile LAST weekend (see, I can't even be current!). Being with my grandmother in Salt Lake. I just can't get enough hugs from her.

  13. I'm a weekend late but I smiled on Friday when Tim came home from his week long school trip. He told me he got a bit teary eyed having to leave. When Britt went on the same trip in 5th grade (LONG AGO) she cried too, but for having to go LOL!

    take care,