Monday, March 8, 2010

still trying... find that balance I'm so desperately craving. So far, no luck. But it's become a mission. In the meantime, I apologize again for my lack of blog reading. I assure you, it's not because I don't miss you all...but I know you understand that already. I don't think balance comes easily to anyone...if it comes at all.

And while this has nothing to do the above...guess what I saw this weekend...a robin! I kid you not. Perhaps if he sticks around for a few more days, he'll be able to see the ground, and worm-hunting will become a much easier task. It's been so incredibly warm (relatively speaking, of course) for the past week. And this week predicts highs in the 40s for every single day!

May you all have a glorious second week of March!


  1. I'm also trying to get more balanced these days, hence the closing of one of my blogs...

  2. Hang in there..... relax and enjoy the birds! (Or bird in this case!) :)

  3. When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along
    There'll be no more sobbin' something something
    That old sweet song

    So much for childhood memories. I'm looking forward here to the day there is no snow in sight from our upstairs windows or on our property. The last day that was true was December 18, a real rarity for Central Virginia.

    Hang in there, breathe deeply, do what you must, put off what you can, and the balance may sneak up on you. I'll be wafting good thoughts in a northerly direction.

    Happy almost mid-March back at you!

  4. Why is that we alway feel so guilty when we don't visit everyone's blogs. We all do it Debi, so you are not on your own. I have a really busy week ahead and I am struggling to think how I can include everything I need to do and still blog and check blogs. It is madness what we put ourselves through. Yet we are all still there when someone takes time off.

    I love robins. They have a special meaning in our home. My hubby always says that they are a good sign from his mum and they always turn up when we have had a bad time, just to remind us that good times are ahead.

  5. Wait, what? It's the second week of March?! :P

    Balance is a tricky thing. I'm starting to see that as we're unlikely to start having more time, we might as well just change the way we look at things ans get rid of good ol' guilt :P

  6. it's been a hard winter up there I hope things are thawing out and spring is close for you.. we don't have spring here.. it's cold-ish and then hot.. but we do have our first batch of Moorhen babies so they think it's spring!

  7. I heard a bird outside this morning when I let the dogs out. It sounded so good! I can't wait for the rest of the snow to melt and have things look green.

    Hang in there. Balance is hard but I know you can get there.

  8. This morning the birds woke up my son!! I can feel spring just around the can't get here soon enough!!

    Sending you tons of ((((((hugs)))))))


  9. Ha! You think you're behind on blog reading ;)

  10. The winter we had was so mild! The last two winters before all it seemed to do was snow, but this year we got really spoiled!!! I am hoping the spring-weather we have had the last few days means that the winter really is over and done with, but still a bit hard to say.

  11. Ah, Debi...I feel your pain and the desire to balance it all. I hope you find your peace soon - and then tell me your secret!

    I saw a robin a couple of days ago, too! There were actually two of them and they were feasting on the worms that were all driven out of the dirt by a big rain (so nice to have rain after the tons of snow we have had this year!). Spring is coming! :)

  12. Highs in the 40s? Oh Debi. I feel guilty now for posting my pictures of spring (although we have snow on the ground right now--again!). Hope that robin continues to stick around.

    And I hear you about the balance. The only thing that is keeping me from shutting down the Reading Nook is the fact that I just put up those NFF sign ups. Contemplating opening a new site just for the challenge and scrapping the rest.

    I sense a bit of pain in your posts. I sincerely hope everything is OK Debi. Miss you bunches.